Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fat Burning Exercise: Ab-Machine Scam Revealed! by Anders N W Lindgreen

Oh, the infomercials we love to hate. The ab-machine creators never seem to run out of ideas for new creations, but since they now seem to attack the abs from every possible angle I am wondering what the next upgrade will be. But do they actually work? Consider this; the difference between the very first ab-machine I saw (and bought!) back when I was ten years old, to the ones that are on sale today, is that the newer ones seem to do more. And not just doing more, promising more, both in effect and in how fast you will achieve it. The five minutes / day is now three minutes per day, instead of just the abs it now targets the sides as well, does cardio AND inner thigh work, it used to promise 5kg in 30 days now it will happen in only two weeks. Is the design really that much smarter? No.

Easy Storage and Money-Back Guarantee

The companies know that the demographics that buy these products are notorious stop-starters and fairly lazy at that. First it was enough to offer a product that was easy to store so that they could put it under the bed after the first three times they’ve used it. Today, that’s not enough, so they have the money-back guarantee – knowing that most people are too lazy to send it back anyway.

Abs and Cardio

Some ab-machines claim to give you a cardiovascular workout, so let’s evaluate that claim. A cardio workout is a heart workout and it requires a heightened heart rate for a period of time. Lie down and do crunches for three minutes; sure your abs may be screaming, but is your heart rate that different? Put on a heart rate monitor if you don’t believe me. And in three minutes? Give me a break! Poor heart rate elevation and insignificant duration. Period.

Thermo Imaging

Yeah, I just saw one ad showing thermo imaging between a runner (just starting out) and someone using the ab-machine. And the picture only showed the torso (of course). Now clearly the ab-machine torso went all orangey-red from the abdominal stimulation and was therefore deemed superior to running - BUT - YOU RUN WITH YOUR LEGS! So how is that even relevant? It’s nothing but clever marketing.

All the Experts, Trainees and Celebrities

If you have money, you can hire just about anyone. Enough said.

Is It Fat Burning Exercise Anyway? People Do Get Results!

These machines always come with a food plan, and an almost starvation-like food plan at that. So, take someone who used to have a real sloppy diet, give them a healthy eating plan and they will lose weight. Does it have anything to do with the ab-machine itself? No, that’s just how they make their money. And when sales drop off they will develop a new model, a more convincing script, hire new actors and the cycle begins again.


I wish I came up with the concept.