Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fitness Training: Learn To Love Your Weight Loss Journey (or Lose The Race) by Anders N W Lindgreen

I can tell you right now, that if you are not looking forward to making that lifestyle change or the road to get there, you will fail. Little in life is really just about the outcome. When you decide to buy that car that you have been dreaming about on for weeks, months or even years; a lot goes into that experience. All the times you’ve been scanning brochures, researched it on the internet, customised it online, test-driven it, enquired about it, imagined it, talked about, dreamt (or even fantasised about it), putting money away, looking forward to the day you’d buy it, going through motions with the dealer, exchanging pleasantries while acting hard to get (even though you have already made up your mind), deciding on the customisation (even though you’ve known what you wanted for months), picking the right colour, signing the papers, driving it home, showing it off to your friends… and the list goes on.

Just snapping your fingers and having that car today would be great, indeed, but it would take away all the satisfaction and exhilaration involved with buying the car in the first place; everything that will make you really treasure owning it. Your weight loss journey can be like that, and if you make it out to be you’ll soon care less about the outcome, because you know that you will get there, just like you know that putting away X dollars each month will eventually get you that car. And once you have that confidence in your ability you will find that a lot of stress, worry and anxiety will be simply stripped of your body, like fat literally melts away through effective fitness training. You can also look forward to the positive reinforcements you will get all through your journey to compound off of each other, leaving you with an unstoppable positive spiral and energy high. So, let’s get excited about the journey and I can assure you that it will be a much more pleasurabl!

e experience and something you will actually stick with. You are the only one who knows what motivates you, so fill your mind with images and emotions illustrating just that. And don’t just do it on the days you may find yourself discouraged, do it every day and make it next to impossible for negative thinking to find you. You’ll have a ball, and when times do get tough, you will be tougher!