Sunday, October 30, 2011

It Is Important To Have A Multi-Lingual Online Receptionist System by Jim Peterson

In countries like Canada and USA it is important to have a multi-lingual medical receptionist because there are large non-English speaking populations, who might not be accessible as new patients if they had to confront an English-only software program that did not cater for their language. Doctors who would like to acquire patients from the different cultures which abound in both countries need to take this into consideration.

In the USA, there are many different nationalities of people who do not all live in the same vicinity. Some areas and parts of different cities cater for some same population groups. But, on the whole, in one city alone you might find Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Chinese, Germans, Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian, Indian, English, Portuguese, French and Swedish. How to cater for all these nationalities?

It is very unlikely that you will find a receptionist who could speak all of these languages, not a real one anyway. The multi-lingual medical receptionist system is your answer, as this will make all of the different nationalities feel comfortable, being able to understand what is required of them, and fill in the web forms with help maybe, with their medical information in their own language.

The multi-lingual online receptionist system will simplify your and your live receptionist's lives by catering for the different nationalities.

The same goes with Canada, who has a multi-lingual population as well. There will obviously be more of the English speaking community, that language being more prevalent in both the USA and Canada. But there will be population groups who might not be reached if you limit your online reception system to cater for only one language group.

This does not mean that you will have to learn and know all of these languages. Most foreign language patients should know enough English to be able to get around in a new and strange country. But also not know enough of the language to understand your messages, or write and read in English only. This they may still have to learn. They will feel more comfortable if you are considerate enough to cater for their language, as they are strangers in a strange land,

The multi-lingual online medical receptionist provides a web interface in alternative languages which will attract the different population groups.

This will go a long way to adding patients from those population groups to your practice and will definitely go a long way towards fostering diplomatic foreign relations policies.