Friday, October 28, 2011

US Healthcare Sector Forecast to 2012 by RNCOS E-Services Pvt. Ltd.

The US represents the world’s largest healthcare market, with an annual spending of around US$ 2.24 Trillion in 2007. The growth in annual spending was mainly driven by increasing use of patent drugs, high administrative costs and expensive hospital care. We believe that the market holds a great potential with several segments still remain untapped, indicating to immense opportunities for the industry players to expand their operations. According to our new research report, “US Healthcare Sector Forecast to 2012” the US healthcare spending is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 4% during 2007-2012.

We have studied the US healthcare market by segregating it into four major segments - Hospital care, Pharmaceutical market, Medical device market and healthcare insurance market. Each of these segments has been extensively covered in the report, giving in-depth analysis of the current and future market trends. Besides, our report gives elaborate details of the country’s healthcare regulatory environment.

Our report foresees that with the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases (such as diabetes and cancer) and proposed changes in the reimbursement process, the country will see strong demand for hospitals and hospital beds in the next few years. In this regard, the report provides comprehensive information of the number of hospital beds that will be required to meet the rising demand for hospital services.

In the pharmaceutical market, our research projects that generics will register a robust growth rate in the next few years on the back of government’s efforts aimed at reducing healthcare spending in the country. The medical device market is also expected to witness strong growth in the forecast period because of latest technological advancements that will make treatment and diagnosis simpler and effective.

Besides, the report studies the current reform process and its effects on various segments of the industry. The research study gives detailed statistical and analytical review of demographics, macroeconomic indicators, disease profile, key drivers and restraints. It contains exhaustive information that will help clients to draw up market strategies and assess opportunity areas in the US healthcare market.

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