Friday, October 28, 2011

The Virtual Medical Receptionist Saves Doctors And Medical Office Assistants Lots Of Time by Jim Peterson

Whatever your field of expertise is in the world of medical practice, you're certainly aware of the fast-paced environment surrounding your medical front desk receptionist's area. That's because everything passes through that area ∓ it's where your patients sign up for appointments, it's where new patients fill up registration forms and it's where all your records are located.

When a patient walks in to your medical office, the first thing he notices is how smoothly and efficiently your front desk runs. It's where he bases his first impression of your medical practice. That's why it's very important that your medical front desk makes a good impression to the patient.

Of course, maintaining order at your front desk area is no easy feat. Just imagine what your receptionist needs to contend with: patients waiting in line, filling out forms, asking questions and answering phone calls. Not to mention the fact that there are times when your receptionist has to stay after hours just to accommodate the bulk of her work like taking messages, scheduling appointments, cancelling appointments and a lot more.

To save your medical office assistant from frustration and to keep your medical practice running smoothly, you need to acquire help. Help doesn't have to come in the form of another assistant or a part-time receptionist. Help here is in the form of a virtual medical receptionist.

A virtual medical receptionist will save you and your medical assistant a lot of time because it can do everything that your receptionist does, and probably more. This system comes complete with a medical scheduler software so basically it becomes possible for your medical office to run without chaos whether during or after office hours.

The virtual medical receptionist allows for automated appointment scheduling. This means that a patient can schedule an appointment with you without having to personally go to your clinic. He can just enter all the necessary information on the online appointment form and once finished, he just needs to submit the form and it will automatically be transmitted and stored in your database.

You can also set up the virtual medical receptionist in such a way that all incoming phone calls are coursed through it. It filters the calls and if the call is very important or if the call needs immediate attention, the patients are instructed to press a few keys so that they get routed to your actual, human receptionist.

A virtual medical receptionist, along with its many features like the automated appointment scheduling and online appointment form is indeed the cost effective answer to your medical practice needs. So make wise use of your finances and resources and invest on medical scheduler software not only to bring more business to your practice but to keep your practice running smoothly.