Monday, October 24, 2011

Dental Clinics That Don't Have Mobile Sites Are Leaving Business On The Table by Jim Peterson

Dental problems are so very specific and they can occur all of a sudden striking you with a sharp pain in the middle of a business lunch or a romantic rendezvous. This might make the potential client wish to search for a dental clinic right away. Of course no one would expect the client to have a laptop or a personal computer stored in their lady's purse or a pocket of a jacket, but they are quite luckily to be using a mobile phone for sporadically browsing of this kind. Apart from these sporadically browsers there's also a huge and constantly increasing amount of people for whom mobile internet surfing is a very important part of the lifestyle.

Coming back to the dental problems which strike out of the blue what we need to get this type of mobile-surfing clients is a good mobile website showing that our clinics is a true star of Toronto dentistry.

But how come we did not know about this great number of potential clients we've been missing because our dental clinics did not have a mobile website?

In day-to-day dental clinics were way too busy for marketing research showing the effectiveness of the mobile websites, the number of potential clients we could obtain and their other benefits. In the light of the latest tendencies in the medical domain like reforming and growing competition which require saving and cost-cutting on one side and improvements in the quality of service on the other we could not afford any marketing personnel to take care that the clinics is duly promoted with all available means. We are kept busy with the tasks put up brusquely by the current situation.

We have launched a regular website not so long ago and have lately updated it with custom web forms for online appointment scheduling and online patient sign-up. It never occurred to us that in such a short period of time progress has gone so far that we need to make some further update. Or probably we are not great mobile internet surfers ourselves and it never came on our mind that this type of browsing was so very popular.

The main problem is we just did not know a thing about the potential and importance of the mobile websites. Now that we are aware of this prospective all we need to do is to adapt the content of our regular website so that it is not too extensive for the mobile version, prepare requirement specifications and find a proper provider of the mobile website services. Having this done we shall be ready to take advantage of the mobile website and enjoy the increasing number of clients of our dental clinics.