Monday, November 28, 2011

Could This Natural Supplement Cure Your Insomnia? by Paul Stevens

Avena Sativa is more commonly known as wild oats. This common cereal grain, which is a popular form of feed for various types of livestock, has been around for many years, but in recent times some have claimed to have found a link between Avena Sativa and several health benefits. The most popular use is for sexual enhancement. Some claim to have found an increase in sexual interest in both men and women who took regular doses of Avena Sativa.

Those who take Avena Sativa for this purpose usually take the herb in pill form, although some grow the herb at home and ingest it in a more natural form.

Other claim there is a medicinal benefit for those suffering from certain skin ailments. They say that the Avena Sativa can reduce inflammation and keep the skin hydrated.

Those who rely on Avena Sativa for skin relief most often use a cream that contains the herb.

While Avena Sativa is not directly a sleep aid, some say there can be relief from insomnia found by taking a liquid compound of Avena Sativa. Again, the compound will not induce sleep directly.

The help instead comes through the thought that this compound of Avena Sativa can reduce stress and anxiety, two factors that can cause insomnia. By reducing or eliminating the stress and anxiety through the use of Avena Sativa, the insomnia can be relieved.

To try and get relief from some of the issues that cause insomnia, it is recommended that you take between 15 and 20 drops of the Avena Sativa compound in a glass of water each morning.

Some claim that the relief they find from stress does help them sleep more soundly. Others who have tried to use Avena Sativa to help with restless sleep felt that it did not help at all. That could be because their insomnia is caused by something other than the issues that Avena Sativa can relieve.

It could also simply be that, as with any type of sleep aid, it can work great for some while offering no benefits to others. No sleep aid is going to work the same for every person.

As with any type of herbal remedy, you should never take it without first consulting your doctor for advice and to learn the correct dosage amount. This is true for anyone who is considering taking any herbal medicine or remedy, but especially for those who are taking any other type of medication or has other health issues.