Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Stop Snoring by Paul Stevens

If you live alone and snore, you might not worry too much about learning how to stop it unless that snoring is affecting your sleep. If you are married and you snore, your spouse may be quite interested in ways to make it stop.

There are many possible ways to stop or reduce snoring. Each of the tips below will not work for every person, but if you are desperately looking for a way to stop snoring, here are some things that are worth a try.

Elevate Your Head

Many find that they can get some relief from snoring by elevating their head either by using a special wedge pillow or just stacking multiple pillows. Some have even gone so far as to prop up the head of the bed.

Change Sleeping Positions

If you normally sleep on your back, try switching to your side. Those who sleep on their side are much less likely to snore.

Lose Weight

In addition to all of the many other health benefits that go along with shedding excess weight, it will also help you, in many cases, to stop snoring.

Check for Allergies

Some people who snore are suffering from allergies that they do not even know that they have. If your snoring seems to get worse at certain times of the year, it would be a good idea to get checked for allergies.

Get a Humidifier

Some snorers just need a bit of moisture in their nasal cavity. Try sleeping with a humidifier in the room.

Avoid Alcohol Right Before Bed

And the same goes for sleeping pills unless they are necessary. Drinking alcohol right before bed can make snoring worse.

Nasal Strips

Using nasal strips, such as Breathe Right strips, can help many people to stop snoring. These strips open the airway wider, helping the wearer to get more air.

Go to Bed at the Same Time Each Night

Some have found that by sticking to a schedule when it comes to the time that they go to bed and awaken each day, that they snore less and feel more well rested.

See a Doctor

If your snoring is quite severe or has gotten worse, it is a good idea to see a doctor. Snoring can sometimes be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Some such conditions, such as sleep apnea are serious and can be life threatening. Also, if the snoring is severe enough that it interferes with your sleep each night, there may be a treatment option available.

Often, how to stop snoring is by making simple lifestyle changes, such as losing weight. Other times, you might need help from a doctor. Many people snore, but if your snoring is severe, play it safe and get checked out.