Monday, December 19, 2011

Do you Really Want to Get Ripped Biceps? by Alan Benney

Recent reports show that many people fail to get the ripped biceps they desire. Discover the secrets why they fail with regard to self discipline,determination,and consistency.

I believe once you get these facts firmly placed in your mind you are well on the way to success.

Let's consider the first issue of self discipline, this in it self is a technique to master. For example, people that are successful in their muscle buiding routines have learnt the secrets of self discipline. They know if they take time out they will lose income.

The second issue on the list is determination, again the same example a self employed person would not survive without mastering self discipline.

finally consistency; most successful self employed people have mastered this.

The point is if you were to adapt these three basic principles to any thing you like to achieve then, you could not fail in anything you set your mind to do. Nevertheless if life was that uncomplicated you would probably not need to examine this article. Many people start out full of enthusiasm and expect it all to happen overnight. That brings us back to the first issue of self discipline.

When things don't happen as fast as one expects, discipline goes out of the window. The attitude many people adopt is why I should bother.

At this point it is essential to be in control of your feelings, regress back to the reasons why you wanted to get ripped biceps initially. In most cases the reason to want to get ripped biceps is to improve self esteem. This could be for numerous reasons however, it comes down to in most cases to attract the opposite sex, and that is one of the strongest emotions. This is what you need to focus on when you lose your self discipline. How badly do you do you want those ripped biceps.

When we are unable to contain self discipline, determination, and consistency follow close behind. The enthusiasm you mustered up at the start has lost its meaning.

Keep your eyes on the ball, as they say in sports when you lose sight of this fact you are on the road to failure.

Set up a muscle building program with experts in the field of getting ripped biceps.

In general it is fact we have to be honest with ourselves and wake up to the fact we always learn new things. We all need direction or some sort of motivation in order to succeed. The vital thing is to be guided by experts in muscle building routines. Be influenced by winners not losers.

Another consideration is your desire may be to lose weight,under these circumstances you can reflect on the same conclusions of, self discipline,determination and consistency.

My true desire is that you found this article helpful and will motivate you in your goals to get ripped biceps.

Copyright (c) 2010 Alan Benney