Monday, December 19, 2011

Tips for Treatment of Anxiety Disorders by Lou Lou Brown

Hot Shower

A nice hot shower will work wonders. As well as using aromatherapy during shower time a wonderful imagery is to let the shower wash away your worries. It is very therapeutic enter into the shower with all your worries and to watch the water wash those worries down the drain.


During a nice hot shower imagine your worries going down the drain. Watching them fall out of your mind and off your skin. Allow this safe environment to think about your issues but then toss each one down the drain. Imagery like this will also help you sleep which is another key tool in the treatment of anxiety disorders.


Aromatherapy the practice of utilizing different smells from essential oils to alter a person’s mood. The smell can be sprayed in a room, on a pillow or clothing or applied to the skin in the form of lotion. An older practice is to place the oils in a steaming bath or bowl and breathe in deeply. For treatment of anxiety disorders the best oils are lavender, cederwood and bergamot.

Limit Your Media Consumption

Have you watched the evening news lately? It is full of trouble and strife around the world and locally. Watching/reading the news is a stimulant and depending on the news (financial problems, world problems, terrorists) it is no wonder people worry and are stressed. Limit the amount of news in any form of media especially before bed time.

Talking with Friends/Family

The old saying “A problem shared is a problem halved” is so true. Share your concerns with friends or family members and maybe they can help you view the problem from a different view point. Just talking about the problem can diffuse the issue and by the time you are finished the problem is no more.