Monday, December 19, 2011

Get Rid of Your Ugly Body: Fat Loss Techniques for Everybody by Jim J Wanlass

It is indeed horrifying when we look into the mirror and all we can see is a fat and ugly body looking back to us. We panic and either sign up for a fat loss schedule or start to think how we are good-for-nothing and get even more depressed. Even if we do sign up for a fat loss schedule, most of us can not be consistent when they see little or no improvement after some mere days of working out and dieting; they loose confidence and eventually stop following the schedule.

Here’s the catch: most of us would rather wish that they were thinner, instead of getting up and try doing something about it; because it’s easier this way. Well, those people can’t be helped. If you really want to achieve something; if you are really willing to work hard in order to loose weight, here are some sure tips for you.


Eat lots of green. Green vegetables contain less fat and more protein, which is the natural fat-supplement for your body.

Increase protein foods like meat, fish, eggs etc. and avoid fatty foods like potatoes and butters and oily fast foods etc.

Choose fiber rich foods over fat. Choose to eat more fruits.

Reduce table-sugar consumption.

Eat 5 times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 low-calorie snacks such as fruits. Don’t take much food at one go. Take the snacks 30 minutes before lunch and dinner and you won’t have to eat much then.

Make portion control: monitor the amount of calorie you consume at one meal.

Make water your favorite beverage. Avoid cold drinks and other carbonated drinks etc. Try consuming less alcohol. If you are drinking, order by pegs not by bottles.


Go to gym or do yoga or other exercises. Try to engage in cycling, swimming etc. and also climb more stairs (use stairs instead of elevator if possible). These will also make you healthy and aid fat loss at the same time.

Run/jog every morning. Remember, your target is to make natural sweat and raise the body’s metabolism as much as possible. Raising metabolism by 15% means an average woman burns her calories at the rate of 200-300 calories everyday.

Perform low impact aerobic exercises that help one to loose fat. Follow your instructor’s advice in case of confusions and before any new exercises.

Keep weight-instruments like dumbbell at every room of your house.


Be confident, disciplined and consistent.

Keeping yourself motivated is one of the most important factors.

Do not do late-night-parties or do anything that leads to a stressful life. Try to un-stress. That’s why yoga is so good for weight-loss purposes.

Use diet control pills if necessary.

We all know the value of a perfectly curved lean body. In order to burn fat from your precious body, you just need to work hard and believe in yourself! Really, that’s all you need.