Monday, February 27, 2012

Asthma Attacks - What are the Causes and What You Need to Be Aware Of by Adam Rise

Asthma can be a deadly disease. That's why we should be aware of and vigilant about what causes asthma attacks so that we can steer away from them. No one accurately knows exactly what causes it; but thanks to the many studies and research, distinct triggers are already identified.

The cause is said to be certain interaction of environmental and genetic factors that researchers do not fully grasp and understand up to now. Studies are ongoing and hopefully we will have more answers one day soon.

It is said that the above mentioned factors greatly influence the severity and intensity of an individual's asthma. The environmental and genetic factors are also said to play a great role in determining how well an individual can respond to the asthma medications prescribed to him or her.

Asthma can be triggered by poor air quality caused by pollution from traffic, factories, aerosols sprays, etc. Tobacco and cigarette smoke are also well-known triggers of it. People who smoke tobacco or cigarettes are more prone to it than those people who don't smoke. However, non-smokers are not really assured that they are free from the risks of this fatal sickness. Inhaling and being exposed to second hand smoke may also cause and irritate it.

Allergens may also be causes of asthma because they are responsible for irritating and inflaming the airways.

Some common allergens include dust mites, pollen, molds, cockroaches and animal dander. What may be an allergen to one person may be a totally non-irritant to another person. That phenomenon just goes to prove that the causes of asthma are truly diverse and can differ from one person to another.

Other substances in the air such as smoke, chalk dust, and powder can trigger asthma especially if an individual is exposed to it frequently. For example, a teacher who has it can eventually will be in danger if he or she is exposed to chalk on a daily basis. If the airways become too irritated eventually they cannot tolerate the chalk dust anymore.

Scented products such as lotions, powders and perfumes can also cause asthma especially if they have very strong odor. Cleaning solutions, gasoline fumes, paint and other substances that can affect or over-stimulate the airways are potential causes for asthma.

Pregnant women have a responsibility to their unborn child regarding their potential health risks. Pregnant women who smoke can cause the unborn child to acquire or develop asthma. Aside from that, the unborn child may already be prone to wheezing and serious respiratory infections.

Usage and intake of antibiotics in early life has been said to be one of the causes of asthma in young children. It has been proposed that antibiotics make individual's vulnerable to it because they modify and affect the gut flora as well as the immune system. This phenomenon is also known as the hygiene hypothesis.

Who would've thought that psychological stress could cause asthma? Well, studies have proven that psychological stress or trauma caused by a child's caregiver can actually cause asthma. It has been said that too much stress can also bring about behaviors that can trigger it such as smoking.

When one or both parents have asthma, it is not unusual for a child to acquire it because this type of sickness can be passed on through the genes.