Monday, February 27, 2012

Important Device For Asthma - Peak Flow Meter For Asthmatics by Adam Rise

People who don't have asthma or a family member or close friend who has it would more or less have no idea what a peak flow meter is.

A peak flow meter is a very important device for asthmatics and without it there would really be a huge gap to be filled in the world of asthma-related gadgets. It is a small, inexpensive hand-held gadget used to monitor the airflow through the bronchi and controls the degree of airway restriction. Peak flow meters usually work through a mechanism called "fast blast", because it basically measures a person's ability to push air out of his or her lungs.

This article features important and basic information about peak flow meters as well as the steps on how to use and operate it.

The main function of the device is to measure an individual's maximum ability to exhale. This ability to exhale is also known as peak expiratory flow rate. When an individual is well and healthy, the device readings are expected to be high. On the other hand, peak flow readings are expected to be low among patients who are unwell due to constricted airways.

Both the doctor and the patient can determine the extent of lung functionality, severity of the symptoms as well as the treatment options for asthma. The height, age, and sex of an individual greatly affects the normal device reading value.

Generally, the device can provide two ranges of measurement to assess the amount of air pushed out of the lungs. Low range peak flow meters are used for very small children while a standard range one is used for teens and adults. It must be remembered that adults have larger airways than children that's why there is really a need to have separate device for adults and children.