Monday, February 27, 2012

Kegelmaster-Bring A New Hope To Your Life by Andrew Rivano

The wonder machine called Kegelmaster provides resistance to the pelvic floor region which, after the use for a few weeks, becomes strong enough to control the abnormal functioning of bladder. Some gynecological problems in women make their bladder sensitive which loses the ability to control the urge of frequent urination and the pelvic muscles become loose and week with urine leakage becoming a common syndrome in women suffering with this type of ailment. The loosening and weakening of vaginal muscles can occur to any woman before or after pregnancy and after menopause. In these circumstances, the pelvic floor loses its elasticity and becomes loose and week resulting in loss of sexual urge and dissatisfaction.

Kegelmaster is a simple electronic device which works on the theory of progressive resistance which, if used with good effect, makes the vaginal muscles strong and resistant to urine leakage which can occur while sneezing or coughing. This device is different from the normal electronic simulative devices which claim to be very effective.

Kegelmaster is a cost effective device providing the same result, if not better, than those electronic devices. The progressive resistance technique is commonly used by the bodybuilders who build muscles on their arms and thigh by lifting heavy objects which provide the required resistance and help in building and strengthening of their muscles. Kegelmaster also uses the same technique when inserted in the vagina before performing the kegel exercise. This was not in practices traditionally.

The new concept used by Kegelmaster is an innovative one and does not have any side effect. It tones the pelvic floor and makes them tighter and stronger than ever. The tensioned setting in Kegelmaster pushes the vaginal muscles to work harder. Strong tension setting puts extra pressure on the muscles and the muscles have to work even harder, it helps them in getting stronger and tighter after use of say 10 to 12 weeks.

If the kegelmaster is used as per the recommendation, it works wonder and produce great results which improves the sexual life of women with a new urge to live longer and happily with good health.