Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dangerous causes of stomach cancer and symptoms of its manifestations

Stomach cancer - a kind of tumor that grows from the mucous membrane of the stomach. Moreover, this swelling may occur in various parts of the stomach as in the upper - close to the esophagus, and in the lower part - near intestine.
In the present article we will talk about the causes of stomach cancer, as well as consider gastric cancer and its symptoms.The causes of stomach cancer can be varied. Now it is known that, as such, the formation of cancer cells is due to mutations in the chromosomes of the cell. But the cause of this mutation until now, even with the current development of medicine, is unknown. But there are certain risk factors that, according to doctors, these mutations provoke the cells.
Thus, the main risk factors:

  •     Hereditary factor. If you have a family history of gastric cancer, there is a possibility of the disease and relatives. This probability is about 20%.
  •     Blood in the second body. It is not strange, but people from the second group of blood, the disease is more common than the others.
  •     Meals. Eating salted, smoked, spicy, fried, canned food increases the likelihood of stomach cancer.
  •     Drinking alcohol and smoking.
  •     Chronic stages of other diseases of the stomach: gastritis, ulcers, polyps.
  •     The operation on the stomach. If medical intervention had occurred earlier, then the person's risk for various tumors much more.
  •     Presence of bacteria «Helicobacter pylori». But this factor has caused much controversy among many professionals.
  •     Elevated levels of nickel and asbestos, to work directly with him.
  •     Vitamin deficiency in particular vitamins: B12, C
  •     Nitrites and nitrates in the food salt, etc.
  •     Patients with pernicious anemia also are at risk. While such patients susceptible stomach cancer twenty times more.

Stomach cancer symptoms:
In the early stages and the tumor can not be displayed. Often, a person has an aversion to certain types of food, or even a group of products. If the tumor is located in the output compartment of the stomach, there may be heavy stomach. Vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite - it is also one of the main symptoms of this disease.
When tumor and during what occurs when stomach cancer, the symptoms may be absent altogether. If the tumor grows in the pancreas, frequent acute pain. In the propagation of the disease in the gland occurs accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.
And in some cases it is even possible metastasis to the lungs and shortness of breath followed by accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity.