Saturday, June 20, 2015

Inflammatory bowel disease

Over the last fifteen years of hard bowel disease began to meet literally thousands of times more often. In the 60s ulcerative colitis cases are so rare that all the patients in the clinic operated one specialist surgeon. Now faced with similar diseases, even very young people. Bowel disease every year it becomes more - talking about it dry figures of statistics. Preventive measures are very simple - it is a correct diet and proper food itself, but the people did not want to follow them.
For proper operation of the gastrointestinal tract is important to the uniform flow of food, for example, only one long break - at night. But in reality? Too many people do not find time during the day to eat - once, but in the evening come off the whole hog, violating all the laws of physiology.
In order to prevent intestinal diseases is very important product are vegetables, they need to eat at least 300 grams daily. If digestion is all right, the best - vegetables eaten raw. Herbs, vegetables and sprouts are supplied in the body tissue, which helps cleanse the body. Good to know this fact: one of the causes of cancer are constipation - at irregular bowel movements toxins corrode its walls.
Another myth: in the human intestine accumulates to 15 kg of waste, so it shows the procedures such as colon hydrotherapy. Academician G. Vorobyov says that no deposits in the gut of a healthy person does not.
It is important to the quality of food. Scientific evidence suggests that excess saturated fats and preservatives, food is a strong risk factor. For example, in America, almost half of the population older than 50-60 years, sick diverticulosis, which can lead to peritonitis and bleeding. More recently, the disease is almost never met, because people eat right, there was no refined foods and most importantly, fast food.
Most people understand that not everything is in order with the gastrointestinal tract, in no hurry to see a specialist because of fears that the diagnosis of painful. It must be said that some studies indeed unpleasant. But medicine is evolving, new progressive methods. On arms proctologists and are completely painless techniques like ultrasound, tomography, X-ray, laboratory tests. For early detection of cancer today is spreading emission tomography. A reception is patient doctor, it also happens that a single glance at the expert patient enough to put him to the correct diagnosis.