Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pollen disease

Hay fever - a severe, but is usually a seasonal disease that is caused by an allergy to pollen. Spring, summer and autumn - the peak pollen allergy exacerbations. However, in the winter need to take care of oneself: flowers around the clock. And it is likely that the festive bouquet of friends or colleagues can trigger an attack of hay fever. How to protect yourself from allergies? Will medical advice.
Rule №1. Recognize your allergies. If you notice that a certain season you get hives, a runny nose or cough, but the therapist assures that there is no infection, see your doctor, allergist. He will appoint skarifikatsionnye samples will help identify the cause of an allergic reaction and prescribe treatment or provide a list of drugs that help to escape during an exacerbation.
Rule №2. Always keep to yourself antihistamines. In the New Year's eve hectic streets of the city once again filled with flowers, brought from near and far abroad. Avoid all "dangerous" points, which is what underpasses, metro and markets, you still will not succeed. So always carry a Fenistil, Suprastin, Sempreks or preparations based on loratadine, nasal spray and eye drops.
Rule №3. Feel free to talk about their problem. For example, if a job you are asked to fill out a form, be sure to select plants that you provoke hay fever. Believe me, if your firm will carry out Florist in the New Year or Christmas - will consider your comments.
Rule №4. Do not let allergies ruin your life. Especially during the holidays. Thus, despite the fact that in winter sold primarily plants with large flowers and strong odor, they seldom cause allergic reactions. The fact is that such plants are pollinated by insects, and pollen into the air only in small quantities. Therefore, you may well enjoy donated a bouquet of roses or chrysanthemums, if no composition of grasses and weeds.
And the main rule. Do not self-medicate. Otherwise, you can take for hay fever ARI. Or does "treatment" of the imaginary allergy. Prescribe antihistamines and only a doctor can!