Saturday, June 20, 2015


Benign growths of the skin or mucosa caused by papilloma viruses in themselves are not dangerous. The risk lies in the fact that under the influence of any factor can occur in their rebirth malignancies. For this reason, even if the growth of a single, small, should consult a doctor.
The main routes of transmission of the disease, two - it can be a contact of the skin of the patient and the health of people with each other, and the disease can be transmitted sexually.
Remove such growths in beauty parlors dangerous - you must first make sure that a benign tumor, and, moreover, only a dermatologist can prescribe the correct way in which you will be removing warts.
Sprawl skin or mucous today can be removed by various methods, which one to choose prescribed by a doctor - it depends on the type of neoplasm, its location, etc.
The most basic way - moxibustion using chemicals. As a result of the impact of sprawl undergoes necrosis (dies), a crust is formed. Pluck it is by no means impossible, as there will scar. Such a method should be carried out only by a specialist, and, moreover, can be made for all types of neoplasms.
One of the most effective ways - surgical resection with a scalpel or a laser. This method makes it possible to eliminate the proliferation of any size and at the required depth. The recovery period is rarely complications.
Such tumors can be removed, and with the help of cryoablation - burning liquid nitrogen. This procedure is absolutely painless, but it is hindered control of the depth of influence on the tissue, and may also be required a second procedure if a large sprawl.
Neoplasms can be effectively using the high-frequency current. This method is called electrocautery. The advantages of this method include the lack of bleeding and reduce the risk of infection.
The most modern way - radiowave surgery. Using a scalpel radiowave can produce atraumatic neoplasm excision, wherein after the soft tissue coagulation occurs. The procedure is characterized by greater precision the impact and almost no traces of impact.