Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stomach ulcer

It is a paradox, but even in our time, when medical knowledge about the disease is almost complete, and the treatments are so effective, many people still continue to self-medicate or ask for help than to a qualified representative of medicine and go to quacks, who for the sake of profit It does not stop anything.
Meanwhile, the large percentage of people who have lost not because of the disease itself, but just because of improper treatment - for example, taking cardiac glycosides or other potent drugs are not on the recommendation of the attending physician, but because these drugs help a neighbor, or instead In order to be in the hospital under a dropper engaged Urinotherapy.
It is unclear why the citizens of even the most serious diseases prefer not cure when possible, and to complicate even more!
For example, who has not heard of such widespread diseases as a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer? The risk of this disease is very high: it appears and develops under the influence of those factors in modern life is constantly present. These include smoking, alcohol abuse, constant stress and systematic violation of the regime and the regime of the day eating, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, excessive physical and psycho-emotional stress, hobby sharp and salty, and too strong coffee ... In addition, provocateurs gastric ulcer may become a drug - their surplus in the body destroys the stomach lining. And the appearance of the culprit of the disease and the bacterium may be H. Pylori, which is in 90% of patients of patients.
Only a few can boast that this extensive list of bad habits they suffer only a few, and many and does a complete set! And if we add to this, and a genetic predisposition (which, alas, already meets 50% of patients), we do not understand why people are so irresponsible about their health!
The disease is manifested by severe pain, such as pain and become regular, the patient must be urgently sent for examination. Meanwhile, many patients prefer to endure illness. The disease is cyclical, and as soon as the patient feels relief, he believes that the healthy and the disease progresses in the meantime and can lead to complications: bleeding or perforation (perforation) ulcers. This complication is extremely dangerous for the life of the patient: the wall of the stomach and its contents destroyed or falls into the abdominal cavity or into other adjacent organs.