Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Healthy Back

It is no secret that a reasonable and careful approach to his spine is an important component for improving overall health. There are a lot of exercises, including bending and twisting, which contribute to improving the overall health and posture.

 According to medical statistics, such diseases as osteochondrosis, subject to about 85% of the inhabitants of our planet. That is, each of the people at least once in his life, I faced with back pain. The paradox is that the main reason for this spread of the disease is to improve the comfort of life. Earlier, in the absence of elevators, people climbed on foot. When there was such an abundance of transport, people are more committed hiking. It is a sedentary lifestyle makes many people potential target for sciatica, degenerative disc disease and other diseases of the back.  

It is proved on a scientific level, after a long stay in orbit, the astronauts become very brittle bone tissue. In consequence of immobility, in zero gravity, people do not have the necessary for the normal functioning of joints level loads. Meanwhile, bone, according to the experts in this area, is updated once every three months. So quickly can not update any one of the tissues present in the human body. One of the differences of bone tissue from the muscle is the complete absence of memory, in which the body can withstand the burden easier to remember. That is, without having a regular load, spin is not working.  

To help in this case come yoga classes by a special technique. It is really beautiful and a proven way to restore the health of the back and the whole body. Existing training techniques make it possible to work with great efficiency on the body. In addition, there is a yoga for beginners, which is perfect for the first lesson. All the organs and systems of the human body, after regular classes, develop, eliminating weaknesses. In yoga we pay great attention is paid to the rehabilitation of the weaknesses of the body. Having problems with the cervical part of the spine, the focus is to work with this part of the body.