Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Methods of protection against muscle damage

The statistics for the beginning and middle of the last century, saying that all athletes who prefer other sports skiing, have been the trauma patients, carefully superimposed on a limb last strong cast. Skiing is one of the most traumatic and dangerous in our day, but medicine does not stand still and offer outdoor enthusiasts a range of activities aimed at reducing the risk of getting a fracture or sprain, which can permanently put a man in a hospital bed, to make people forget for training and competition. If your area of ​​activity - sales of servers IBM, and way of life can be considered sedentary, the recommendations of experts need to listen very carefully.  

Do not underestimate even minor injury, the effects of which are already in a couple of days. A little stretching, resulting in the classroom, promotes damage to the muscle fibers - thus impairing blood flow. Muscles become more vulnerable, and the next injury could happen even at light load - for example, in the warm-up, or trying to be moved to a new location HP Proliant server while working in the office, not to mention the full training. Each session would further aggravate the situation, the muscle will no longer work effectively, and the verdict of doctors - to forget about active sports for maintaining the ability to move - for you will be a real surprise.  

Even more problematic are torn ligaments and cartilage injury - in this case, without medical care can not do, but even in the case of a professional approach to the treatment completely restore lost joint mobility does not succeed, and even simple task to install shredders in the office or connect the computer It becomes a major issue. It is clear that to fully protect yourself from injury while skiing lessons fail, but to take measures to prevent them can and should be. So, in the fall is to take care of the training of the muscles - that promote long walks and climbs the stairs for a while forgetting about the ability to use an elevator. Before the start of classes, do not forget about the knee pads and special bandages to protect the joints. If the injury could not be avoided, try to avoid for a while reinforced loads to allow muscle damage as possible to restore performance.