Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Plazmolifting - efficient use of the hidden reserves of the organism

It is no secret that the majority of cosmetic non-surgical rejuvenating treatments threaten rather serious side effects - can occur reaction of rejection, develop allergies, etc. If you talk about surgical methods of rejuvenation, then decide on such a move more difficult - here, too, there are many risks.

 With the discovery of a method Plazmolifting new era in cosmetology - today more and more people are resorting to this method is rejuvenation, guaranteeing effective results while the complete absence of side effects. What explains such a safety procedure?

 First of all, this method eliminates the introduction of injectable rejuvenation of the body of foreign substances, as platelet-rich plasma, which introduces into the tissues of the face and body to rejuvenate them, is prepared from the blood of the patient. Thus, Plazmolifting uses internal reserves of the body recovery of the patient, which guarantees the absence of allergic reactions.  

The mechanism of effective impact of this technique lies in the ability of human tissue regeneration - so scratch, resulting in a person due to some circumstances, the very prolonged platelet clot, forming a natural bandage and can help repair damaged tissue. Introducing into the tissue of the face and body of the patient his own plasma, produces a similar regenerative effect. In addition, this method is used not only in cosmetics, but also various areas of medicine - for example, in surgical dentistry at the dental implants - the introduction of plasma into the gum accelerates the regeneration of its tissues, as well as assists in the fusion of the implant to the bone of the jaw.

 It should also be noted that Plazmolifting signs of aging are not eliminated at some particular time, and included the deep reserves of the body, activating the regenerative processes in the tissues, contributing to the restoration of their elasticity. The introduction of plasma tissue begins active growth of stem cells, ensuring effective rejuvenation. Here you are guaranteed safe from any complications, and use cosmetics can be the next day after the session.  

That effect, which provides a course of injections of plasma, can be compared to non-radical facelift and neck. This improvement in the skin will be evident within two weeks after the start of the course, and after a full course of disappearing even small "net" wrinkles. Moreover, the effect can be fixed by passing a course of injections twice a year. Plazmolifting also can be combined with other cosmetic procedures, however, is assigned to the combined effect should only doctor for each patient individually.

 Thus, this method of non-surgical rejuvenation injection for maximum efficiency and at the same time complete absence of complications, has a leading position in popularity.