Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Strengthening the veins

Sooner or later, every second woman observes that the legs are tired, they are visible veins. To win varicose veins, it is important to temper, thereby facilitating their condition.

 If you take the women who are over 40, then every second can detect signs of varicose veins. It is an insidious disease, which has a number of negative consequences. To protect your veins and make your legs beautiful and easy walk, there are techniques by which a long time, you can save the health of your veins.

 Ice strengthening veins
 If the evening legs become "heavy", swollen, very well to an ice massage. To further its effectiveness prepare mint ice. When you massage the ice do not take your bare hands, and wrapped in cloth. It is important to sit back, put a foot on the bench. Stroking the skin with ice as small utjuzhkom. They need to drive bottom-up and a circle. First treated foot, then lower leg, then the thigh. Each zone should be given to up to 4 minutes of time, and no more so as not to come persistent narrowing of subcutaneous blood vessels. After this procedure should rest a half hour. Housework cleaning company will perform well in Moscow.

 Cold shower for the feet
 Excellent hardens and strengthens the veins cold shower. If there is a suburban area, in the summer you can use a hose with cold water, and in winter suit shower. Slightly jet is directed to the first leg from the toes to the heel, then along a calf to the popliteal cavity, in the shin, then the front of the foot from the toes to the knee. Carry water treatments can and should be 2 times a day. This is especially significant for office workers who do not stand up all day on the computer. By the way, they also recommended a special gymnastics. Every hour is held a short workout. It is necessary to stand up, hands down along the body. First, stand on tiptoes, then fall to full stop, then be on your heels, and again at full stop. Such rolling with heels on tiptoes to perform 15-20 times.  

SPA Foot
 Arrange the seaside resort home easily. The artificial "sea" is obtained if the high basin to pour water to cover the eggs, and then dissolve it in 2 tablespoons of salt. Of course, it is desirable to use sea salt, but if it was not at hand, come and salt. The legs are lowered to 10 minutes in warm salt water.  

Decoction of herbs - also a wonderful remedy for hardening of veins and varicose veins treatment. Mixtures of herbs, beneficial effects on the veins, relieve tension in the muscles and reduces pain in the legs. This chamomile, juniper, plantain, lavender, mint, marjoram. Various combinations of these plants pour boiling water, allow to infuse and then strain into a bowl or better in the bath. Immersed for 10 minutes in a warm fragrant water, you get a lot of positive emotions and complete relaxation. This is a very useful procedure for the soul and body.  

Cold and warm in metered quantities veins is not a hindrance, but the high and low temperatures, carrying heavy loads can provoke varices.