Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get Help Now for your Hot Flashes and Sweating by Lynsey Carter

Sweating, even excessive sweating, and those 'hot flashes' both tend to be very common side effects a lot of women will experience during their menopause.These symptoms will sometimes be so severe that some woman begin to feel entirely helpless, and these flashes can take over her life, without assistance to manage them. Most women will be embarrassed about sweating, not only because it can stain your clothing, but it can also cause offensive body odor, you will smell. Therefore, it is extremely important that women learn about what help is available for their hot flashes and sweating.

Primarily, a lady's hot flashes are normally caused by her hormonal changes that she may experience during her menopause. Sometimes though, they could be the result of some changes in her lifestyle -

* severe emotional stress;

* physical stress;

* or even some medications.

When you have a depleting level of estrogen, this has a direct effect on your hypothalamus, and unfortunately, this is the portion of your brain responsible for the control of -

* your appetite or eating habits;

* your sleeping cycles and patterns;

* your sex hormones;

* and your body temperature.

'Help' My Hot Flashes and My Sweating

There are a number of different options available when it comes down to helping with hot flashes and sweating.

Firstly, try to change your lifestyle, or just simplify it. Take small steps that you can monitor to see if those changes work. Get proper and regular 'daily exercise', this is extremely important to you during your menopausal years. If you not already exercising regularly, you need to start now or at least sometime very soon. Just get cracking!

Secondly, you need to be very aware of what foodstuffs you are eating and drinking. What is included in your diet can seriously affect how often and how seriously you will tend to get your hot flashes and sweating. Again, monitor what you are doing to see which works best for you. Normally, hot spicy foods, caffeine-based beverages, and of course alcohol, are all triggers of hot flashes. You need to become familiar with what are your triggers, then you should be able to avoid those trigger foods and drinks that 'set-you-off', so to speak.

Thirdly, you should discover that a really great aid for your hot flashes and sweating idea is to simply relax. Some women tend to find that they get great relief from exercise. Exercises such as -

* yoga;

* meditation;

* and relaxation techniques;

all help by relieving you from your stress and anxiety. They are all also great for cooling down your overall body temperature.

If these approaches are not able to quench your hot flashes, you will still to benefit from these techniques as they will provide you with some other benefits, benefits such as -

* easing your sleep disturbances that can occur with your menopause sweating.

For some ladies, the menopause will be an incredibly trying and uncomfortable time, though what you have to remember is that it is only a temporary phase you are going through, and there are available, different methods of treatment that you can use to help ease those problems along the way.

Copyright (c) 2010 Lynsey Carter