Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Simple Tips For Your Fitness Journey by Robert D. Franklin

Those of us on the weight loss path often focus too much on losing the weight that we forget a very important aspect of staying healthy: our nutrition and how it ties into our body chemistry. It's important that we encompass all the sects of weight loss - food, exercise, mental health, and drive - into creating a whole new, better lifestyle that can take us well into our elder years. With all those key elements in place, you will surely live a more fuller, enjoyable life.

If you are on a weight loss journey with fitness plans and diet menus, you should follow these important yet simple tips given here:

1) Drink Water!

Water is key in helping the body transport nutrients. It is ideal to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Not only will that help the body absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins, but will also help you feel full.

2) Include A Good Amount Of Vegetables And Fruits In Your Diet

Vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, they are low in calories and high in fiber. Therefore, you should include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet. This helps in weight loss faster and would keep you having that full feeling.

3) Avoid Calories That Don't Mean A Thing

The so-called "empty" calories refer to food items that are high in calories but low in nutrition. Some examples of such food items are aerated drinks, French fries, cookies, white bread and the like. These types of foods are definitely not useful for your body. They create a sluggish digestive system causing it to be inefficient.

4) Read Food Labels

In your grocery shopping treks, you should make it a point to read labels. Check the nutrition facts. Learn to interpret the information on food labels to avoid falling prey to marketing gimmicks. Like if you found a low-fat food or a low-sugar food, it may not really mean the food is low in calories.

5) Don't Totally Eliminate Carbohydrates From Your Diet

Many people on weight loss programs make the mistakenly avoid carbohydrates all together. Carbohydrates are a good source of energy. A well balanced diet should contain around 40 percent of carbohydrates. For your daily carbohydrate requirement, you should choose whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Again, incorporating all the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition into your lifestyle path, you will make for a better, healthier life for yourself and thus for the others around you.

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