Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lifting Your Heart by Dr Kirk Laman

Summer is a time for relaxation. It is a time for rejuvenation. Most of us make time for family activities. We get away for a week or two to the lake or ocean to enjoy life.

Summer is a time for lifting our heart. Our hearts need to be lifted. Often modern life is filled with stress. I know of many people who have extreme stress in their lives. They run here and there. Modern life what with a never turned off cell phone leaves little room for down-time. It’s run, run, run….no wonder so many people are depressed or anxious.

Todays economy can also make a person worry. Just reading the paper can give you a headache. Worry has been shown to create heart disease.

When I say lifting the heart what I mean is moving our hearts from a place of constriction to a place of openness. I mean taking away the closed in feeling of the world and replacing it with a lighter, healthier feeling.

Feelings can create health. They can also cause illness. When we have feelings of sadness, anger, or broken heartedness- this can lead to illness.

Everyone’s heart wants to be lifted. It wants to be opened. No-one wants to have a heart that feels like a thousand pound weight is sitting on top of it.

Did you know that it’s possible to get rid of anxiety, or relieve yourself of overwhelming stress? It is possible. It is possible to elevate your heart’s consciousness. You can lift your heart to a place of peace, joy, and feeling of well-being. Open-heartedness is a state that can be learned.

Steps for Lifting Your Heart

1. Find a quiet place to be alone.

2. Make sure you have 15-20 minutes with no distractions.

3. Sit or lie down to feel very relaxed.

4. Focus your consciousness on the heart region.

5. Begin breathing deeply watching the breath.

6. Say “aaahhhh” through an open mouth. Let the sound travel to the heart region.

7. As you say “aaahhh” visualize love, divine energy, or light traveling down into the heart.

8. After 8-10 breaths, pause and notice your heart. See what you feel. Does your heart feel more relaxed and open.

9. Repeat this process for 15 minutes.

10. Enjoy the feelings of peace and calmness.

You can indeed lift and open the heart. You can rid yourself of unwanted, unpleasant emotions and harmful feelings.

Enjoy the warm breezes of Summer. Let your heart be lifted to a place of health.