Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sales Pharmaceutical Job Profile by Silas Reed

The opportunity for sales jobs in pharmaceutical company is manifold times more than most other industries. This is because a pharmaceutical company depends majorly upon the effective working of its sales representatives. These sales persons are vested with the duty of door to door campaigning. They fix appointments with different doctors and make it a point to personally visit them and explain to them the benefits of the medicines that their company has been producing.

Since the physicians are themselves too busy to keep themselves up to date regarding the latest medicines to have hit the market, therefore it is the duty of these sales representatives to carry forward the news to them. They not only brief the doctors about the new brands of medicines but a good a sales person convinces the doctor to prescribe these medicines to their patients. It is an effective way of marketing medicines since the doctors themselves remain too occupied to study the medicine market and find out on their own how effective the new medicines have turned out to be.

Thus in essence, the task of the pharmaceutical sales representatives is to increase the market share for their company’s products. The work of the pharmaceutical sales person needs to be carried out in adherence to certain strict code of conduct. That is to say, these people cannot indirectly tempt the doctors into prescribing their brand of medicine such as by taking them out for dinner and then footing the bill etc. Therefore all that these people are entitled to use are their persuasive tools of carrying forward a conversation coupled with statistical data to convince the doctors how their medicine is better and more effective than their competitor’s.

There are two types of sales representatives who work in the pharmaceutical industry:

•One who specializes in medicines needed to cure a particular disease

•And the other, who are assigned the work of marketing all types of general medicines to general and family practice physicians.

Now that you have a more or less clear cut idea about sales pharmaceutical job profile, let me tell you the prerequisites for bagging such a job. Pharmaceutical companies prefer people who come from the science background and have at least kept science till their graduation. It’s the best choice for the company if they happen to chance upon someone from the science background with a management degree in marketing. These companies often take up people as trainees and offer them on-the-job training experience so that they get well versed with all the nuances of marketing drugs. These experiences toughen them up to face rejection and wizen them up to use strategic marketing techniques to convince their assigned physician.

The pharmaceutical industry has place for a lot of people since it involves work at the grass root level. Not only can you opt for the post of sales representative, which is practically the lowest rung of the professional ladder in this context, but you can also choose the option of managing the trainee sales staff, if you feel that you are good with handling managerial responsibilities. Apart from these two, you also have the chance of trying for the post of pharmaceutical sales executive. These are the people who come up with sales strategies for the company and assign different work to different people depending on their merit.

So, you see that sales pharmaceutical job opportunities are aplenty- you just need to keep a look out for them!