Sunday, November 6, 2011

How The Features Of AssistMedic/IcyCRM Help Clinics And Doctors To Serve More Patients On Any Given Day by Jim Peterson

The recent healthcare reform in the USA requires medical establishments to offer medical services at lower prices to enable citizens to possess health care rights at more affordable prices. This requires cost-cutting and performance improvements from the clinics. IcyCRM/AssistMedic will contribute in achieving both of these goals.

AssistMedic/IcyCRM is a HIPAA compliant virtual medical receptionist providing automated patient sign-up, an appointment scheduling system that lets patients and doctors to arrange, cancel and reschedule the medical appointments (online or over the phone) and also a medical appointment reminder service. With regards to the forthcoming healthcare reform in the USA, AssistMedic will be of great help to the clinic of any size. Let us see how it will manage to work this out.

As a virtual medical receptionist, it will save much of your personnel's time and let them focus on their other tasks with more dedication. For the doctor it will be the easiest way to check their appointments schedule. This frees more of doctor's time and enables him to see more patients which will increase his performance and contribute to cutting the costs of health care services.

Being an additional channel (web and phone) to obtain new clients AssistMedic will increase your clientele and will thus let you gain more profits which will become of more and more importance. As an additional service it might also give you advantages over your competitors with no such systems implemented. The AssistMedic system is available to work 24/7 with no insurance, no paid overtimes and no salary and will always make sure that you do not miss any appointment request your patient suddenly decided to leave in the middle of the night!

Did you ever calculate the losses from the missed appointments? Medical appointment reminders as a part of IcyCRM/AssistMedic will help your clinic to avoid these losses, as they will be automatically performed in a very provident way: the reminder will be either sent via Email, or performed as a phone call.

Both of the options will be interactive and allow the patient to cancel or reschedule the appointment giving you advance notice about the changes which will allow you to improve the time planning and avoid standstills caused by missed appointments. What is also great about these automatic reminders is that your live receptionist does not spend a second to get this done!

Since the phone calls and the web forms are not using any paper you will also have a chance to save on paper medical forms, files, folders, drawers to keep them. And also on the time clinic personnel would spend on working with the papers, passing them from one to another, losing and finding them again.

Being HIPAA compliant AssistMedic saves your effort in bringing your system to the HIPAA compliant state. Thus, a single product can change the whole philosophy of your clinic, help you survive the healthcare reform and even improve your performance!