Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why I Choose to Live a Vegan Lifestyle by S. Ali Myers

First, let me put this out there. I am using the word vegan to illustrate a point. I have more of a veganesque diet. Something like 95% vegan. I eat fish about once every two weeks. May have a milkshake or "real" chocolate every once in a while. Some of the faux meats I eat may have some milk ingredients (though really nothing significant). Basically, I'm not one of them strict vegans who frown upon anybody touching animal products.

Now that I got that out of the way.....

My family, when I was growing up, consumed the average "Black" Standard American Diet. Fried chicken, pork chops, fried fish, pig's feet, chitterlings and so on. There was no meal where meat (including fish & chicken) was not present. This is not rare in the U.S. so this is not hard to believe. I just want to show how my view is not a result of upbringing but just a simple practice of looking, listening and observing. Or paying attention to nature and its laws.

Why do I subscribe to a vegan diet? A better question would be "why not?" I have molars that are flat. Looking at the meat-eating animals, it's hard not to notice their very sharp teeth. Maybe they have those teeth so they can rip and tear into flesh. They also don't chew they way I do. They chomp, rip and tear while I am more of a grinder. Actually, I eat my food like a horse. Bite then grind. Stallions even have incisors. Do horses eat meat? It easy to see that my teeth are better built for chewing than ripping flesh.

I always ate my meats cooked. But, it's obvious that the carnivorous animals eat their meats raw. I'm certainly not planning on capturing a cow, slaughtering it, then proceeding to feast upon its decaying carcass. No haps! I must cook it. But, it seems more practical to eat a fruit or vegetable that doesn't even need heat. Is it a coincidence that fruits and vegetables grow naturally and I do not have to harm a living soul to obtain my nutritional needs?

There's been too many times that I can count when I ate so much meat that my stomach hurt. Actually it doesn't take too much to cause the pain. My gastric acid doesn't break down the animal flesh like it does natural foods. Carnivores have different stomach acids, that's why they can eat fur, nails and other stuff that I wouldn't. If I was wired to eat animals then why do I not have the same type of stomach acids as carnivorous animals?

Vegetarians live longer and are less prone to diseases. This is an example of cause and effect. Eat less meat, live longer and feel better. That really makes me question why I ever thought meat was the way to go.

Being a heavy meat-eater for the better part of my life and now living a vegan lifestyle, I feel better now. You truly are what you eat and eating soul-filled animals will have a detrimental effect on you. When the animal is stressed from their living conditions, you eat that stress. Whatever the animal feels, eats, and is exposed to, you assume it all. I am able to think clearer because I do not have those unwanted, external, non-organic feelings. Combine this holistic approach with meditation and other chakra opening practices, anyone can achieve enlightenment.

I made the choice for myself to eat the way that I do. It makes holistic sense and common sense. My mind, body and soul is alive so I must eat live, organic foods. No dead animal can nourish my holistic system. Why do I choose to live a vegan lifestyle? Because I choose life!

Peace Peace,

S. Ali Myers

Soulful Body & Mind