Friday, December 30, 2011

Comprehensive Acne Skin Care Treatments – Know the Side Effects Before You Decide by Laurel Levine

Let’s face it. Effective acne skin care treatments must be developed to take care of a number of things that lead to the formation of pustules and papules on the skin. There are all types of different treatments for acne available, but most of them do not work as well as they are said to. Many of them will also have side effects that give you a whole other group of problems to solve.

People buy acne medications with the hope of clearing up their skin within a couple of weeks, and generally become frustrated with the products shortly after they begin using them. It is totally unrealistic to think that any type of over the counter skin care formula is going to rid you of your problems in such a short amount of time. It typically takes about six weeks of using these formulas before you begin to notice any difference at all.

What an acne skin care formula has to be able to do in order to clear up your skin is threefold. First the formula has to be able to control the production of oil in the skin to prevent sebum and keratin cell plugs from forming in your follicles. Then it has to be able to eliminate the Propionibacterium acnes that causes your inflammation, and finally reduce the inflammation that has built up over time.

The most often recommended topical acne treatments on the market do eventually accomplish each of the goals set before them, but your skin pays a terrible price. The way that the majority of these formulas reduce the excess oil in the skin is through the use of alcohols, and other drying compounds. Benzoyl peroxide will itself make the skin excessively dry, and dry, flaky skin is not what you want.

Benzoyl peroxide is the most common ingredient used in acne skin care products, and while extremely effective it does have its downside. Not only does this compound make your skin become drier, but also red, itchy, and inflamed. There are better ways for you to treat your acne lesions than with benzoyl peroxide formulas. Plant based compounds will do the job just as effectively, without complications.

In order to manage the production of oil your chosen all natural formula will need either Maracuja passion fruit extract or Jojoba oil. Both of these compounds will keep the moisture balance in your skin absolutely perfect, so that the skin never becomes dry and there is no excess oil available to clog the follicles. Jojoba is the preferred ingredient if you can get it, because it is proven effective in fighting acne.

In addition to these compounds, your all natural acne skin care formula should feature Shea butter, Babassu wax, Capuacu butter, or Phytessence Wakame kelp extract. A combination of these ingredients would be ideal for combating the inflammation in your skin. For eliminating the P. acnes bacterium there is nothing better than the powerful antibacterial compound active Manuka honey.

Make no mistake about it. An acne skin care formula possessing these natural compounds will give you the clear skin you are after, and it will leave your skin healthier than ever before.

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