Friday, December 30, 2011

Traveling PT by Maryann Thomas

For the physical therapist who loves to travel, to meet new people, or go to different, exciting, and exotic new locations, having a job as a traveling PT is the dream career of a life time. This article was written to inspire new traveling physical therapists to branch out and overcome any myths or uncertainties that may have made them hesitate in applying to a traveling therapist company.

A traveling PT can choose assignments anywhere in the United States and that can mean exotic locations like Alaska, Hilton Head South Carolina, or even Hawaii and for the really adventurous, the incredible Rocky Mountains. There is no limit to the opportunities for a traveling PT (; only the ones that they set for themselves.

For many traveling PTs, moving from location to location is just like being on vacation and, better yet, no need to worry about someone feeding the cat at home. The accommodations provided are clean, beautiful and fully equipped to make you as comfortable as possible. If you are a PT who loves to surf but live in Vermont, then just imagine, you can choose assignments on all the great surfing beaches in the United States, and that is a lot of coast line.

Mountain climbers cannot only choose assignments in the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachians or the Catskills so that they can hike and climb to their hearts content on their days off, they can also choose assignments that require them to travel in the mountains to assist patients tucked away behind peaks and rocky ledges. There is no end to the opportunity to match your personal love of the outdoors with your career.

And what about the traveling PT who is an opera lover, a theater buff, a symphonic concert-goer or a Broadway Musical fan? Well, you have the opportunity to attend the Boston Philharmonic, first run Broadway musicals, cutting edge plays in Los Angeles, and the New York Met every night if you choose. All you have to do is apply to be a traveling PT and choose a different city for each cultural activity you want to enjoy.

When Hurricane Rita came along, traveling professionals in the medical field were in tremendous need. This is when the traveling PT has the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of helping people in dire need. The traveling PT has the extraordinary opportunity to be in the heart of the worst tragedy, providing solace and care that transforms not only the lives of those for whom they care, but also their own.

There is nothing more validating to a traveling PT ( then to provide service for people who have nothing left to give but their heartfelt appreciation for their life. When giving fully so that your cup has been emptied every day, the traveling PT working in the devastated corners of the earth finds miracles in every step they take with the loving help that they give.