Friday, December 30, 2011

Face Skin Care Formulas – Why Anti Aging Products must be Formulated Correctly by Laurel Levine

Let’s face it. For eliminating the wrinkles that line your face skin care anti aging formulas have to be formulated correctly. It is because so many of the wrinkle reducing cosmetics products have been so poorly developed that so few people have been able to find success in eliminating their wrinkles. Many of the ingredients the cosmetics companies use are completely useless, and others are quite dangerous.

What you have to understand is that when it comes to big business there is often a lot of greed, and the cosmetics industry is no different from any other. These companies want to make huge profits, and well they should. The fact is though that incredible profits should not be made by either deceiving the consumer, or including ingredients in your products that could negatively affect someone’s health.

For eliminating the wrinkle in your face skin care should not contain potentially toxic chemical agents use just for the sake of saving money. The healthy, natural ingredients you need to provide you with the antioxidants that reverse oxidative damage in the skin cost more for a company to use, because of the special processing they require. This is why chemicals are routinely chosen instead.

The majority of compounds that make up your skin care products are synthetic, and can’t provide you with either the ample supply of antioxidants you need, or the essential nutrients. Not only are the chemicals commonly used to make skin care formulas toxic, but they are often also either suspected to or are known to cause cancer. The products you use must be all natural, both for effectiveness and your safety.

For treating the signs of aging in your face skin care anti aging formulas that contain compounds meant to smooth wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles are dangerous. Regulatory agencies are keeping a close eye out for any reports of serious damage cause by the repeated paralysis that the facial muscles are subjected to when these formulas are used. It is suspected that in some cases the paralysis could possibly become permanent.

If the product you are currently using is an all natural formula that contains collagen, elastin, or hyaluronic acid, then congratulations are in order…sort of. You will receive some positive benefit from the antioxidants this product provides as I said earlier, but the primary ingredients in the formula are incapable of penetrating the skin. Topically applying animal tissues won’t help your appearance.

For a younger looking face skin care anti aging formulas must contain protein complex fusions like Cynergy TK, which will cause a dramatic rise in collagen and elastin creation. All natural products featuring Cynergy TK also generally contain either grape seed oil or Phytessence Wakame, and most often a combination of both. These compounds keep the firming substances in your skin from being broken down by harmful enzymes.

For eliminating the wrinkles in your face skin care formulas with Cynergy TK, grape seed oil, and Phytessence Wakame kelp extract help create new tissue, and offer a means of protecting it. An anti aging skin care formula doesn’t get any better than that.

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