Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are Dental Bridges Or Implants Better For Filling In The Gaps? by Nick Messe

Missing teeth is something that happens to everyone, beginning in childhood as your adult teeth grow in. However, losing your adult teeth can be a bit devastating especially because it can impact how your smile looks to everyone. However, you don't need to be too concerned because if you visit a dentist you have a few different options that are available in the field of cosmetic dentistry to make your smile just as fabulous, if not even better, than it was before you lost a tooth for whatever reason whether it was poor dental hygiene or a freak accident that caused you to lose one of your teeth.

The first option you have is to get a dental bridge. In the most simple and basic terms, a dental bridge is when you visit the dentist and they create a bridge of the gap that you've encountered due to missing one or more teeth. The teeth that border the missing one get crowned and then a false tooth is placed in the empty spot to make it look like you never lost a tooth in the first place. The process is rather simple and only requires a few simple trips to the dentist who will make a mold of your mouth in order to make the false tooth out of a material such as porcelain.

It is a temporary solution at first because it needs to be fitted at times to make sure it is integrated into your mouth without requiring additional adjustments. A dental bridge lasts quite a while and you will find that the dentists you visited won't need to be seen again for this purpose for another 10 or 15 years as long as you brush and floss your teeth like you should be doing in the first place. Most people who get dental bridges find that there are no problems when it comes to chewing or eating food just like they used to. Once the process is complete, you don't really even know someone underwent the cosmetic dentistry process.

Another option which some people favor is to get dental implants instead of a dental bridge in their mouth. One of the better things about implants is that they are strong on their own but when it comes to bridges your surrounding teeth need to be strong in order to keep it strong and supported in your mouth. Dental implants are getting better as time goes on and dentists are able to conduct more research about how to make them better for individuals.

Dental bridges are temporary, long term but temporary, but a dental implant can last the rest of your life if you take care of it well and practice good oral hygiene habits. Individuals who have dental implants report that the teeth actually feel natural and not false so you don't feel like something is foreign in your mouth. They do require a little more time at the dentist and a little more outlay from your pocketbook, but the end result is terrific.