Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ringing In Ears: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by James S Pendergraft

Tinnitus or ringing in ears has become such a common disorder these days. This disease is not easy to live with and cause so much irritation. It includes annoying thumping noises in the ear. Doctors have not been able to find any specific reasons for tinnitus. Some say that it occurs due to stress, while others attribute its existence to nose allergies or when foreign objects get inside the ear. Even a buildup of wax inside the ear can cause this disease. Sometimes, nose allergies cause the wax to get accumulated in the ear leading to production of such ear noises. Sometimes, when people can't hear things easily, then they can also develop tinnitus. This ailment can also be caused as a result of some medication. Some people develop hearing losses due to congenital reasons, so they can start hearing the buzzing noises of tinnitus. However most of the people develop this ailment due to hearing losses which are caused by noise.

This kind of disease is quite tough to bear for any person. It's because the ringing noises make it tough for anyone to focus and concentrate. When the sleep patterns are disturbed due to noises, it even becomes hard to focus on very simple tasks. Tinnitus has been reported by people aged between 55 and 65 years of age. There are different levels of this disease. Some people have slight levels of this ailment while others have catastrophic levels. The severity of the disease can not be measured by audiometric tests which can reveal the intensity of the sounds heard by a person. It's because the noises are only heard by the patient. So, the diagnosis can't be objective like audiometric tests.

There can be many causes of tinnitus. These causes include loud noises which affect the hearing of a person. Autotoxin drugs can also produce this disease. Such drugs can also increase the bad effects of noise in the hear. Sometimes, the patients might have just consumed some simple drugs like aspirin which can produce this ailment. Almost 260 drugs can cause tinnitus. Sometimes, no cause of this ailment can be identified. In those cases, depression is the underlying reason. Sometimes, when a person has been consuming drugs like benzodiazepines, the disease may appear when the patient stop the medication.

Acoustic shock, which refers to loud noises heard by the ear can cause this ailment. Listening to music loudly from subwoofers can also cause tinnitus. This ailment can be cured by taking drugs for reducing the symptoms. Even meditation cause a lessening of the loud noise. The noises are produced due to the movement of muscles inside the ears of the patients. Such tinnitus is given the name of pulsate tinnitus. This is generally due to blood pressure changes.