Saturday, January 21, 2012

Exercise Bicycles Make Every Day Exercises A Doable Routine by Andy Guides Jr

There are great many of us that do not get as much exercise as we should. We make plans to join a gym or start eating healthy but after a few weeks most people give it up. Using exercise bicycles is a quick and convenient way to get the exercise needed. They come in a variety of styles and are a lot less expensive than joining a gym membership.

The least expensive of the models is normally an upright model also called a stationary bike. These were designed to simulate a cycle you would normally ride outside, except they remain in a stationary position. The bike can be used in both a sitting or standing position and come with or without handlebars. These provide an excellent use of exercise for the legs.

A dual action model will provide a workout to both your legs as well as your arms. They have attached bars to use as the workout for your arms and the pedals for legs. These are slightly higher in price than an upright model; however, they are affordable and will give excellent results in a short period of time.

The newest model available is the recumbent types. They are very comfortable to use and provide excellent results to muscles. They are designed to provide little resistance while doing the work. They are great for people that have difficulties with the resistance from an upright model; such as someone with an injury that needs to do physical therapy but without a tremendous amount of resistance.

Stationary bikes have changed in style tremendously over the years. They are no longer a huge piece of metal equipment in the living room taking up space. They are made to store easy, are less expensive than when first originated and are excellent resources for anyone wanting to improve their cardio workouts.

One of the leading causes of death is heart disease. By eating healthy and beginning a daily exercise routine this can be beneficial to the prevention. Walking or running are excellent ways to get in a good cardio workout, however, the majority of us avoiding this due to weather. If it is to hot, to cold, rainy or snowing outside it makes tackling this simple chore difficult.

Exercise bicycles are the perfect alternative to neglecting exercise due to the weather. They are an inexpensive alternative to joining a gym and can be done indoors away from the bad weather excuses we all use. One of the easiest ways to get on a daily routine is to schedule your riding time for the same time your favorite program comes on he TV. The stationary bike allows you to watch television at the same time you are giving your heart and other muscles a much-needed workout.