Saturday, January 21, 2012

Medical Supply And Equipment At CSP Medical Store Provides Leading Solutions by Timmy Vic

Medical supply and equipment from CSP Medical Store gives your practice the tools it needs to succeed. With a comprehensive range of products that cover fields from radiation therapy to nuclear medicine and PET, CSP Medical Store has everything required for the modern medical institution — all available through a single, convenient resource.

At CSP Medical Store, we’re committed to our industry. Our staff strives to offer the highest quality medical supply and equipment at the most competitive rates. This dedication lets our customers find the field’s premier resource for medical supply purchasing. With over 35 years of experience as a health product vendor, CSP Medical Store is fully qualified in serving our client base. By stocking a wide range of medical supply and equipment products, CSP is able to give hospitals, private practices and any other medical institution the best possible inventory solutions for their unique requirements.

CSP Medical Store stocks an array of medical supplies and equipment that promises to fulfill the needs of any practice or facility. The store allows buyers to choose from categories such as radiation protection equipment [protective eyewear, mobile barriers, scatter radiation protection, aprons, control booth barriers, etc.], positioning aids [pediatric positioning, table pads, slickers, etc.], medical supplies [ultrasound probe covers, mobile c-arm drapes, cleaner rad-con hand cleaner, T-Spray II disinfectant cleanser, etc.], quality assurance [x-ray, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, mammography, etc.] and repair and calibration of medical supply and equipment.

We also offer a number of medical supply and equipment products that are exclusive to the CSP Medical Store. Our team has selected fantastic products, made with innovation, that can be purchased through our online medical store. CSP Medical Store sells the ArcCHECK 4D isotropical cylindrical detector array for rotational delivery QA and dosmietery, the MultiSource HDR Afterloader [designed for the entire range of HDR brachytherapy applications], Prone Breast System, Relax & View® DVD [for easing claustrophobia, boredom and stress during MRI scanning] and much more.

Our medical supply and equipment store is a great choice due to our offering of numerous clearance and inventory clear-out deals as well. CSP Medical Store frequently provides our clients with deals that help them to save money on the tools they need. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer support staff for a quote on your purchasing, rental or demo medical supply and equipment requirements. You can also stay up to date by signing up for the free CSP Medical Store newsletter. Recipients of the newsletter are notified regarding the latest medical supply and equipment special offers and product releases. Never miss out on the latest CSP Medical Store deals and releases by registering for our newsletter today.

Find the health industry’s leading medical supply and equipment by shopping at CSP Medical Store. We work hard to give our clients the greatest resource for their requirements at the industry’s most competitive prices.

For more information on CSP Medical Store and its full catalog of medical supply and equipment, visit CSPMedical Store.