Saturday, January 21, 2012

Do You Know If You Are A Bronchial Asthma Sufferer? by Andy Guides Jr

Asthma is a lung disease that makes it difficult or even impossible to breathe. About 22 million Americans have this condition. It affects people's lives and can even cause death. The condition comes in two different forms, with a variety of possible triggers and treatment options are available.

Understanding what goes wrong is important. Our lungs supply our bodies with the oxygen we all need to survive. In normally functioning lungs, air is inhaled, the oxygen is removed and the air is exhaled. In someone with pulmonary issues, the lungs become narrow and breathing is impaired. The lungs constrict and inflammation causes swelling. This is referred to as an asthma attack.

When people with allergies encounter something they are allergic to, their immune system reacts and can lead to symptoms. For some people, another cause of an attack is exercise. Also, with occupational problems, workers are exposed to substances that lead to lung symptoms. The other form is known as cough variant asthma. In this condition, people cough and cough but it isn't productive. In this form, coughing is the only symptom.

The cough variant form is the most difficult for doctors to diagnose. Lung function is often normal with these patients. However, similar medications are used to treat the cough variant that are used in the more common constriction form.

It is crucial that people who think they have asthma consult a doctor. A physician can diagnose whether the person has the pulmonary disorder and determine the best form of treatment. This is necessary in both the cough variant and the more common form of asthma.

Treatments vary based on severity of symptoms and underlying causes. For allergic or occupational triggers, avoiding the things that cause the problem can help prevent it. Allergy testing can be used to determine what the person is allergic to. Also, treating the allergies themselves can result in improvement for the patient.

A number of medications are available that doctors can use when treating symptoms. Some medications help prevent the occurrence of flare-ups. This kind of medicine needs to be taken each day. When someone experiences breathing difficulties, they can use a rescue inhaler to immediately clear up the attack. Sometimes doctors decide that the best course of treatment is to use both kinds of medication. This provides the best overall results for patients.

People suffering with asthma and it's symptoms know the disease has serious effects. Doctors work closely with their patients to find the best options and help them manage it. As a result, asthma patients can live active, full lives.