Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Sun Tanning Beds Can Enable You To Have A Attractive Tanned Skin by Andy Guides Jr

Using tanning beds, you can tan your skin easily. There are two options for you: tanning at home with a home tanning bed or go to the salon. There are several types of salons that offer tanning service. You will need some tips in this article to have a good experience at the salon.

You can find many kinds of beds available. The most traditional kind is the low pressure bed. This kind emit the most UV rays and the spectrum of the rays is similar to that of sunlight. Use this kind and you will get burned easily.

Opposite to the low pressure bed is the high pressure one. These beds have a higher amount of UVA rays. Using this kind, you will get a long lasting tan, however the process will be longer because it takes time to tan your skin. The price of using this is usually more expensive than that of the low pressure.

Booths can also be used as a tanning method. You will stand instead of lying when you use a booth. Using booth is very effective and hygienic since the whole body gets exposed to the rays and no part of the body touches the surface.

You can also use a very modern method to tan your skin: body spray. Your body will be sprayed with a substance that will cause your skin to darken because of chemical reaction. However, this method requires that you redo and redo frequently or the tan will fade away in an unappealing way.

Before you make a decision as to which salon to use, you should investigate the salon completely and pay close attention to the beds. There should be no stains or dirty build-up on any part of the beds. If there is, you should eliminate the salon from your list immediately.

You will need to fill in a short questionnaire asking you about the condition of your skin. This is called the skin analysis form. The salon needs this form to determine the condition of your skin so that it can effectively perform the tan.

Before you start the tan, be sure to have goggles with you. If the salon does not give you goggles, they don't pay attention to your safety. These goggles will prevent your eyes from getting hurt by the light from the tanning bed.

Tanning beds are great tool to get your skin tanned. You should find many salons that offer tanning service. Remember to check carefully to make sure the equipments are clean before you start the process.