Monday, October 24, 2011

Automated Appointment Reminders Simplify The Work Of Medical Office Assistants by Jim Peterson

Being a medical practitioner is no easy task. Aside from treating patients, you also have to attend meetings, write reports and more. That's probably the reason why program developers are constantly trying to cook up ways to make the life a medical practitioner simpler and more efficient.

These advancements in technology have given medical practitioners the tools necessary to improve the care that they give to their patients. These have even thought of ways to help organize and maintain large database of patient information and records electronically. One such advancement is the automated appointment reminder which is proving to be very beneficial not only to doctors but to their medical receptionists as well.

Since a medical receptionist is only available a certain number of hours throughout the day, she may not be around when a patient calls in for an appointment after hours. With automated appointment scheduling software, your patient can easily request for an appointment from the comfort of his own home, with just a few clicks of the mouse button and a few strokes on his computer keyboard.

Online medical scheduling software affords your medical practice the luxury of being available 24/7 for your patients. This software may also be programmed in such a way that it's built in with an automated appointment reminder. What's the use of this?

Well, sometimes patients forget that they have set up an appointment to see their doctor. A no-show appointment can cost your practice a significant amount of money so that's already a big financial loss for your practice. But with the medical appointment reminder, your patients would still get reminder calls in the evenings or even weekends, when they are most likely to be home. These reminder calls are system generated so that they wouldn't have to forget about their appointment.

Automated appointment reminder also helps your medical front desk receptionist to be more productive by relieving her of the mundane, but highly important, task of calling your patients to remind them of their appointments. Best of all, a medical appointment reminder can help improve the financial status of your practice by reducing the number of patients who fail to show up for their scheduled appointments.

Another benefit of using an automated appointment reminder is that your human receptionist finds herself with more time on her hands to delegate to other tasks. Instead of subjecting herself to the manual process of making reminder calls where there's no guarantee that she'll reach the patient she's trying to contact, the medical appointment reminder will take care of that for her, thus, she can use her time to attend to the patients who are already there in the clinic.

So if you want to make your medical practice cost effective and very efficient, get automated appointment scheduling software that pampers your patients through its online medical scheduling and medical appointment reminder capabilities.