Monday, October 24, 2011

The Virtual Medical Receptionist Adheres To The HIPAA Regulations by Jim Peterson

Personal medical information of any kind is something to be kept in secret under any circumstances. It's not only because of HIPAA compliancy requirements, but because possession of such information is such a delicate personal matter. Some people find having a certain diagnosis very distressing, and even the risk of having this certain diagnosis. Disclosing such information even by accident may ruin someone's life or career, not speaking of the serious legal implications to the medical business, because the patient may want to sue the clinical staff once the publication of their personal data has caused them provable damages.

What you need to help you keep this information safe and to be HIPAA compliant, is a virtual medical receptionist who is just 100% HIPAA compliant and fully competent for the standard situations. The human receptionist will probably not give out the medical data deliberately but still might disclose some confidential information by accident or misunderstanding and is easier to mislead in order to sniff out some info. In any case this –≤€œleakage–≤€ might lead to grave personal problems of your patients and serious legal implications for you. So, all you have to do is think of the best possible situations for you to avoid such unpleasant situations.

You will never find yourself in similar troubles with the HIPAA-compliant medical receptionist, because this is an automated system which records the information automatically by phone or via online web forms and keeps it in databases with restricted access, which means only those who are allowed can view patients' private data. The personal medical information will only be available to the authorized personnel of the clinics will not be overheard by a person passing the reception. Thus your medical information will be safely stored in the system and will not be available for the illegal malicious usage.

The virtual medical receptionist will take the scheduling part of the human receptionist's duties and fulfill them with a 100% HIPAA compliance and precision not characteristic to humans. Since the whole process is automated this will free quite plenty of time to your live receptionist to take care of non standard situations which are so often with the patients.

Getting a virtual HIPAA compliant receptionist you will not only contribute into your own HIPAA compliance but will also get a reliable booking and scheduling system that will thoroughly keep your schedules, help you avoid human error and information leakage, will automatically send appointment reminders to your patients in order to decrease the number of no-shows and let the patients easily reschedule their meetings following the link in the email or booking a new time on the phone.