Monday, October 24, 2011

Use A Virtual Medical Receptionist To Manage Your Appointment Schedule From Your Mobile Phone by Jim Peterson

Are you a medical practitioner with a booming practice? Or maybe you're a doctor and you want to encourage new patients to sign up for your practice. Well, one way to effectively promote your medical practice and to score new patients is go online.

What does that mean? Since almost everybody has access to a computer, the internet is one of the most lucrative places to promote your medical practice. Just imagine: when a potential patient wants to look for an eye specialist, all he needs to do is type in appropriate key words on his browser and all the listings of eye specialists will appear right before his eyes. Now, if you happen to be an eye specialist, you'll be included in the list so it's really very easy for new patients to find you.

Of course, in order to make your website more patient friendly, it has to also act as a virtual medical receptionist. This means that apart from your front desk receptionist who attends to the patients who are already in your clinic, the virtual receptionist will assist those patients, even new ones, who want to schedule an appointment. The virtual medical receptionist most often has a built in appointment scheduler so it's very easy for your patients to schedule or cancel an appointment without personally going to your clinic.

In other words, your medical practice's website becomes your virtual medical office. If you want a very good virtual medical receptionist, try to contact AssistMedic. AssistMedic's virtual medical receptionist and appointment scheduler offers appointment synchronization. This means that if you own a Blackberry, an iPhone or any other smart phone, you can automatically synchronize its scheduler with the appointment scheduler in AssistMedic's virtual medical receptionist. That way, you can manage your appointment schedule from your mobile phone.

This feature is enabled for all of AssistMedic's clients and it won't cost you anything on top of what you would pay for the virtual medical receptionist. Yes, it's a feature that is free of charge. So if you want to make life easier for your medical office staff, get them a capable helper through AssistMedic's virtual medical receptionist.

With AssistMedic's services, your medical office's website won't only be included in their medical web directory but you can operate your medical practice without any hassles. Their virtual medical receptionist will be the go-to guy after clinic hours and with the appointment scheduler, your patients can easily schedule for a check-up anytime. Best of all, with the appointment synchronization feature, you never have to worry about forgetting an appointment schedule because all your appointments will be synchronized with the scheduler in your smart phone.