Monday, October 24, 2011

You Need An Experienced Medical Receptionist When It Comes To Dealing With Irritated Or Angry Patients by Jim Peterson

Medical receptionist is a person with nerves of steel, calm and even-tempered. Though bad hair days happen to the most balanced persons; and the patients with rare talent to drive the steadiest persons up the wall also want to see a doctor from time to time.

Though there's no medical receptionist steadier than a virtual medical receptionist. AssistMedic is an automated medical receptionist to be used for online appointment scheduling. This one is never to be wrecked ∓ no emotions, just polite automatism in response to the angriest and most irritated of the patients. Regardless of the patient's temper all appointment requests will be handled in a professional manner, online forms will be duly submitted.

You will have everything done ∓ the forms completed with all the required data, appointment scheduled, the client won with no damage to the live receptionist's nerve cells kept untouched for dealing with the clients who are already there to be taken care of.

No matter how disturbing the client is, AssistMedic will be able not to lose its tempers and to complete the conversation in the politest way having received at the same time all the information required to book the medical appointment. Having tried it you will be sure AssistMedic is more luckily to win the client in an unbalanced state than a live receptionist without extraordinarily exceptional negotiation skills. Of course you can send the receptionist to dedicated negotiation trainings, though receptionists change, and AssistMedic is always there for you.

There happen to be patients tending to talk on life with the receptionist while booking an appointment. This might sometimes take too many valuable working minutes, lead to lower performance and confusion as the receptionist might fail to ask all the standard questions just being polite with the patient. Whereas AssistMedic is a pro in medical appointment scheduling and will never miss a thing on one hand and will not allow to distract itself on the other hand.

The cases when the patients allow themselves to flirt with the receptionist are also quite known. AssistMedic is able to handle this as well and keep the live receptionist from the unwanted attentions. Meanwhile the live receptionist will be taking care of the other duties with high concentration and a good level of performance. Who would have an idea to flirt with a virtual medical receptionist? Whoever has such an idea ∓ this will not have any impact on your live receptionist's performance and state of mind.

Thus, with AssistMedic you will get a number of unconventional cases easily solved and will keep your live receptionist fresh for the everyday duties, taking care of the patients and visitors. Since the receptionist is the face of your company the clients meet at first, keeping this face in good mood is of great importance to any medical business. People might come with serious health concerns and a well-tempered receptionist is much more luckily to calm them than an unnerved one.