Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colitis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by James S Pendergraft

Colitis has become a common disease. It is one of those diseases which involve digestion problems. This disease involves a swelling of the intestine. Colitis may not be severe but it can be chronic too. The cause of this disease can also be known as the crohn's disease which is also a bloating of the digestive section from the anus to the mouth.

There are many causes for colitis. These causes decide how the symptoms of colitis are going to happen. Many bacteria normally reside in the colon; they live in harmony with the body and cause no symptoms or problems. The symptoms can include weight loss, bleeding in stools, loss of hunger and pain in the abdomen. The existence of this disease can be revealed through colonoscopy which is the test conducted for the diagnosis of this ailment. The diagnosis can be done by getting the medical past of the patient. Even some kind of physical exams like stool culture can make the doctors know about the existence of colitis.

X-rays and tomography are also done to find out about this ailment. There are various versions of this ailment. The fulminating colitis has different kinds of symptoms which include fever, diarrhea and anemia. Fulminant colitis is any colitis that becomes worse rapidly. This kind of colitis needs to be treated immediately. On the initial treatment no matter what is the cause of colitis the main goal is to rehydrate the patient and make sure to contro lthe pain. People who have developed this kind of colitis can only be cured through surgery. In fact, this kind of colitis can also affect animals like horses. When it affects them, they can die almost within a day. Another kind of colitis is also quite dangerous. It's known by the name of spastic colitis.

This version has similar symptoms as the irritable bowel syndrome. People can take some simple steps to improve their condition apart from consulting a doctor. Such simple steps include daily light exercices. They should also refrain from taking oily foods which can cause inflammation. The consumption of water should be an important part of the diet. The water should be clean and filtered. Drinking more water is necessary because such colitis is accompanied with abdominal pain which can be reduced by taking more water. Consuming holistic supplements is also beneficial. Getting acupuncture treatments can also help.