Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Awesome Sea Veggy Tails Testimonials by Timmy Vic

Getting testimonials from satisfied Farmasea customers is always a joy… and hearing from the pet owners who have been giving their dogs and cats Sea Veggy Tails is especially delightful.

It's such a wonderful experience to have someone tell us what Larry from Arizona did: "My black Lab is jumping around as if he was a puppy again." [Anyone who has been around Labs knows that Larry better get some Frisbees, balls and other toys ready because it sounds like his re-energized pooch is going to be putting him through his paces!]

To us, this shows how exciting having a healthy dog is for both the pets and their owners. Not only will Larry's dog get tons of activity [and that will keep obesity, a problem in aging dogs, at bay], but Larry is likely to get his fair share of exercise keeping up! It's definitely a win-win situation, thanks to Sea Veggy Tails.

And because we spent a great deal of time making sure our blend was tasty to canine and feline palates, we're always heartened to hear that even picky eaters love indulging in Sea Veggy Tails.

Take this testimonial from Jenny, also an Arizonan: "My dog usually eats around the other supplements I have given her, but now she eats it all up, and licks the bowl!"

Of course, Mike in Boston had better keep his pooch's Sea Veggy Tails under lock and key: "My dog got into the bag and ate the whole thing." [Note: Don't allow your pet to do this; while it won't harm him or her, it isn't the best use of our nutritional food supplement which is meant to be delivered over a period of days, not in one sitting!]

After you discover the wonders of Sea Veggy Tails, I want you to write to us, too. Who knows? We may just print your testimonial!