Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Quickest Way To Lose Weight by Jett Bellen

Feel Good and Control your Weight!

"How can I lose weight? What's the fastest way to lose weight? I want to be thinner and get rid of this fat and ugly feeling I have now." - does this sound familiar? People usually ask these questions when they feel that they are beginning to gain more weight and they feel heavier and uglier by each passing day.

People, who weigh more than they should, usually feel tired and older because of the excess tissues that lead to body fats which slow down body regulation. You will feel confident, look good, and become healthier the moment that you start losing fat. Positive outlook in life could also be benefited when one feels good about themselves.

So, what's the quickest way to lose weight?

1. DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. People misunderstand the word "diet" as to not eating or skipping meals. Webster defines diet as a special or limited selection of food and drink, chosen or prescribed to promote health or a gain or loss of weight -meaning to say that we have to carefully select the food that we intake and eat only the amount needed by the body. When you skip breakfast, blood sugar drops below the normal levels and you will experience cravings, plus a drop in energy.

2. HAVE A BALANCED PROTEIN - BASED BREAKFAST. Do not just eat breakfast. You must have a balanced protein-based breakfast because such meal can provide our bodies with all the vital nutrients and energy without increasing blood sugar and insulin. These help our bodies avoid depending on carbohydrates during the day. Because of this, our appetite stays under control and cravings for fats and sweets diminish.

3. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. You must make sure that your body is fully hydrated by drinking 8-10 medium sized glasses of water each day .Consume more than enough water to cleanse and detoxify your inner body. And with adequate water intake, your body will be able to metabolize fat more effectively. Water can nourish our body organs and muscles as well as keep our bodies functioning well. Another tip is to drink at least a glass of water 10-15 minutes before your meal so that you will feel fuller and thus result into taking less food.

4. EXERCISE. There's still no better way to lose weight than to exercise. The quickest way to lose weight is to exercise on a daily basis. You must find the proper exercise for your body (consult doctors and fitness experts about this) and develop a committed habit. Start with basic minimal routines and eventually proceed to work outs that will enhance muscle stability.