Thursday, February 16, 2012

Will The Pounds Fall Off With Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss? by Sherri Frost

Will the pounds fall off when you use self hypnosis to lose weight? It depends what you mean by 'fall off'.

If you mean ten pounds per week, then the answer is no. Those promises are made by diet pills or crazy exercise routines. You'll also see those kinds of results on t.v. shows where the contestants work out all day with personal trainers and prepare food with the help of a nutritionist.

If you mean, losing weight easily and comfortably without even realizing it, then yes. This is what self hypnosis can do for you. It sure worked for me.

I listened to audio recordings as I went about my day in the usual way. I listened and repeated affirmations out loud while I took a shower, did the laundry and while I drove to work. Pretty soon, I noticed that the more I repeated these statements they began to become a part of my natural thought process.

Soon enough, my thoughts translated into action. All of a sudden, I found myself saying no to second helpings. I reached for a banana instead of a favorite cookie. I took my leftovers home from the restaurant in a doggie bag instead of leaving a clean plate.

With the magic of self hypnosis, I could see the results revealed when I stepped on the scale and when I looked in the mirror.

How does it work?

Self hypnosis reprograms your subconscious mind with ideas and thoughts that support losing weight at a healthy rate. This is most easily done when your conscious mind is busy doing other things so that it can't be critical and reject the new ideas and suggestions.

It works really well when you are in a deeply relaxed state. That might include a hypnotic trance induction, a guided meditation or simply those last few moments before you fall asleep at night.

The messages also sink in when your mind is consciously busy with other things like when you are driving your car, cooking the dinner or going for a walk.

For best results with your self hypnosis experience, take the time to prepare and record your own suggestions. Many find it easier to use a recorded audio. Chose which method works for you and then be consistent with it.

I really don't want to work that hard. Why should you?

If you let it, self hypnosis for weight loss will make the pounds fall off.