Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super Sea Veg Asks You To Fall Clean Your Medicine Cabinets! by Timmy Vic

Is your medicine cabinet like that of the typical American? Is it cluttered with all sorts of stuff that you bought thinking that it would help you… but ended up realizing it just made you feel worse?

Well, I know it's typical for people to conduct "spring cleaning", but I'm going to suggest that you avail yourself of a little "fall cleaning", too. And I want you to start by going to your medicine cabinet and pitching all those multivitamins you've been taking.

Okay – I can hear you: "Scott! Those multivitamins keep me healthy! Why would I get rid of them?"

All I can say is: There are predicted to be 1.5 million new cases of cancer this year… and a third of them will prove fatal, many thanks to those multivitamins. In the seventy or so years that these high potency U.S.P.s [United States Pharmacopiea], so-called vitamins have been on the market, every major degenerative disease increased in the people taking them. This is a fact. Many people, especially women, just "fell better knowing I'm taking them," but is the placebo effect worth it, when the science shows these compounds are toxic, and cause breast density, a known precursor to breast cancer?

Surprised? Many people are. See, the problem is that multivitamins aren't as healthy as you and I have been led to believe. [And I used to believe they were, too… that was before becoming a Super Sea Veg health evangelist.] They are actually synthetic products made in a laboratory and have no basis in actual food sources. Basically, they're manmade highly acidic, isolated chemical compounds that we've been encouraged to ingest. Once they are inside of us, they wreak all sorts of havoc… including making us more apt to get cancer, and increase our overall chances of mortality, by 18%. Is that why we take them? The best evil, is that which comes in the name of good, in the name of health, but instead kills. Evil is simply "live" spelled backwards, anti-live. Don't fall for that lie anymore. Use your common sense. Man cannot create organic nutrition in his laboratory. Never did, never will. Take Super Sea Veg as your Multi-nutritional, its 100% vegetable, and throw those impostors in the garbage.

The studies linking multivitamins and cancer are out there. However, they aren't well-marketed because of political reasons. But as the president of Super Sea Veg and someone who dropped the multivitamin habit in favor of a dietary food supplement that comes from 12 edible sea plants, I know that Super Sea Veg is the answer, and so do all my converts.

What are you waiting for? Start that fall cleaning today and pitch those cancer-causing products that are taking up space. After all, Super Sea Veg is the UNvitamin, the real thing!