Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today's Fillings Are Practically Invisible by Nick Messe

New technology has improved the way dentists repair our teeth. More than 100 years ago amalgam silver fillings were invented and are still in use today. Lately, issues have arisen as to the safety of this type of cavity repair.

The main problem with an amalgam filling is that it contains mercury which may cause illness, birth defects and mental disorders. Scientists are not sure how much mercury is seeped into the body from these types of fillings. Amalgam fillings enlarge with time causing the tooth to crack making tooth repair and filling restoration needed. However, those who back using amalgam claim the product is inexpensive and an easy cavity repair method.

Bonded ceramic composite resin is a new material that many dentists are using. This type of cavity repair blends with your teeth, sealing them against further decay and may prevent sensitivity to hot and cold against your cavity. Many people who have had amalgam fillings are replacing them with ceramic composite. These types of fillings improve the look of your smile and form a seal to lessen the chances of leakage which can occur with amalgam fillings.

Today's highly advanced computers are an important tool in utilizing zirconium oxide. The computer guides a lathe that precisely cuts the block of zirconium oxide so that it may be used in dentistry. Being able to use this material has advanced dentistry by being able to restore and replace teeth. This material resists breakage and can be used with most dental corrections needed.

Prior to the use of computerized equipment in dentistry zirconium oxide was not used, because the current dental procedures used to form this material were not available. With the advanced technology of modern computerized equipment utilizing this material not only became possible but affordable. A combination of metal and porcelain is generally used for crowns and bridges. The request for ceramic repair is becoming greater, due to a larger demand for natural looking correction. The result is that manufacturers are driven to create more ceramic options.

Another area in dentistry that has experienced advancement is sedation. Many people experience fear so powerful that they are unable to have the dental treatment that they need. Today those that have this fear are able to be treated with the use of sedation. This method is used to relax the person allowing them to be calm by using sedatives. There are different ways to distribute sedation such as an IV drip, nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

Oral sedation is most often used for dental appointments. Many patients do not recall their procedure, however the patient is conscious enough to receive direction during their procedure. An anesthetic is used as well to prevent pain that may occur in the teeth and gums. This is typically done after you have been sedated. Be sure to have someone with you when opting for this type of dental procedure. You need to be able to get home safely.