Thursday, October 27, 2011

12 Easy Ways to Enjoy Fitness at Work by Sarah Long

There are some serious benefits to increasing your physical activity at work. Even brief bursts of activity, like a 10-minute walk, can improve your concentration, creativity and performance (especially on detailed tasks). If your employer has a worksite wellness program, take advantage of fitness classes and activities. If not, create your own fitness program with four simple pieces of equipment: a comfortable pair of shoes, a pedometer, a set of light hand weights and a resistance band.

1.Wear a pedometer at work: Since every step counts, wearing a pedometer is wonderful motivator to walk more during your workday.

2.Walk around the office: There’s no need to sit still while you talk on the phone or think. Pacing and fidgeting are physical activity.

3.Walk around the building: Sometimes a face-to-face talk is the best way to communicate (and it gets you up and moving around).

4.Walk up (and down) stairs: If you have a choice, always take the stairs. If you have stairs, take as many trips up and down as possible.

5.Walk around the block: Got a coffee break? Got a few free minutes? Take a walk outside and get some fresh air (and extra steps).

6.Walk and talk: Need to discuss something with a co-worker? A walking meeting can be more productive and healthier too!

7.Lift weights while you talk: Keep a weight near the telephone; pick it up when you get a call and pump your arms while you talk.

8.Take a weight break: Feeling tired and bogged down? Take 5-10 minutes to lift your hand weights and get your blood flowing.

9.Work your abs: You can strengthen tummy muscles while sitting in a chair. Sit straight, tighten muscles and release. Repeat.

10.Stretch your arms and legs: Stuck at your desk? Use a resistance band for a 5-10 minute stretch. Your mind and body will be more flexible.

11.Stretch your stress away: Tension in your shoulders, neck and back is easy to release with standing stretches and a resistance band.

12.Check your pedometer: How many steps do you take during a typical workday? Any ideas for adding a few more steps here or there?