Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Can I Lose Weight - and Keep it Off Forever! by Frank Hurley

Following fad diets is not the answer if you are planning to keep the weight off.

Fad diets have one thing in common, they are all diets.

A pair of bell-bottom pants, in today and out tomorrow. For a few years these diets are popular and then they are out of style. Then, what happens, after a while they come back like a vicious circle when the fitness professionals feel that we are ready to start up with them again. If you really want to burn body fat and lose weight steer clear of the fad diets.

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In the first days of a fad diet several of you will lose some weight. So you get some weight loss initially, but you might also lose some muscle on these diets too. Your fat burning efforts and overall health could suffer if you lose muscle.

But the most discouraging part of fad diets is that practically all people who use these diets will gain the weight back, and then even more. Has this happened to you?

The most crucial question is, how can I keep the weight off?

One reason is the fad diets frequently advise focusing too much on one type of food, like non-carbohydrate foods (meat and dairy only) or only carbohydrate foods (fruits and vegetables only). If you want unhealthy eating habits, this type of diet will take you there.

You are greatly reducing the number of vitamins and minerals you eat when you just eat foods from one catagory. Limiting yourself of the essential vitamins and minerals that your body requires will lead to poor health and more health problems.

It is said that variety is the spice of life, and to have variety in the nutritious foods that we eat is also needed for good health.

Fad diets are too restrictive to be realistically followed, especially for a lengthy period of time. They are not only unhealthy but these diets are also very difficult to stay on because they take away many of our favorite foods. If you desire to lose weight over a lengthy period of time, then do not go on a strict restrictive diet.

If you want life long weight loss and weight stabilization the solution is behavioral changes in your eating habits.

The very idea of this kind of fad diet just will not work. Why? Diets are based in a temporary mindset. The fact that someone goes on a diet means they will have to come off of the diet. This is temporary…why force yourself to lose 10 pounds when you're just going to gain it back and then even more when you go off of the diet?

A lot of people just don't comprehend this, even though it may sound simple. A lot of individuals turn to dieting in an attempt to resolve their weight and health issues. These fad diets are not the answer as they just lead to more problems. People who are regular dieters don't burn fat over the long haul and many times will gain more weight back than they lost on the diet.

To answer the question how can I keep the weight off, it is important for you to seek life long fat burning, health and fitness in a lean body, you should take some advice from my mom, and probably your mom too.

When I think about it, probably the best base of nutritional knowledge I received was from my mom. For the most part, my mom was right. She didn't know anything about fat burning, but she made sure I got nutritious foods growing up.

She especially made a point to make sure I ate my vegetables, mainly the green ones. She limited sugary stuff and other junk, but didn't totally eliminate it, making it a special treat for me on occasion. During the day she would give me food from different food groups making sure that I got a good healthy balance from each group.

Thank you, Mom! Mom's diet was actually quite sound, and I've found that heeding some of this advice in the pursuit of maximum body fat burning and a lean healthy body for the rest of your life is a smart way to go.

You see your body naturally craves foods rich in nutrients, (antioxidants, phyto nutrients (plant), fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc.) When you eat most of your meals from foods rich in important nutrients, your body will be satisfied and overeating will no longer be much of a concern.

As a result of eating wholesome foods you will go into a fat burning phase as a natural result of giving your body what it thrives on and needs to be healthy. As a result you will be lowering your risk of disease by promoting a natural alkaline environment in your body when you eat these types of foods.

When you find that you are eating and eating and never seem satisfied then recognize that this is your body telling you that you are not getting the nutrients that your body needs. These are fast food, foods high in fat, high sugar foods, etc that are low in nutrition. This means you will be taking in too many calories.

When you eat excess calories you will continue to gain weight, you will become fatter and you will be more likely to contract the diseases that are related to being overweight. Your body will have an acidic environment, which is an additional risk of disease when you gain weight and fat. You can forget about burning fat when this happens.

Nutrition to control your weight, fitness, and health all work together for your benefit. My Fat Burning Furnace students have changed their lives permanently, by simply altering what they put in their bodies…and you can do it to.

establish an eating program of foods high in nutrients. In part two of this article, I'll get more specific in helping you make the transition from your current lifestyle to the one you desire. This plan will have you burning calories 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

One of the most significant points to remember in healthy eating is to eat from all of the food groups with a lot of variety and eat them regularly.